Portland Protesters Attempt To Build Autonomous Zone Next To Mayors House, Portland Mayor, NIMBY Suckers.

My thanks to Irish for sending me this tasty bit of info while I was zonked out.

Portland Police Quickly Shut Down ‘Autonomous Zone’ Outside Mayor’s House

Portland police on Thursday quickly dismantled an “autonomous zone” that protesters attempted to set up outside the mayor’s residence in the city the previous night.

Protesters on Wednesday night used items including dumpsters and stolen construction materials to build an “autonomous zone” in Portland’s Pearl District near an apartment building where Mayor Ted Wheeler reportedly lives. They put up barricades and set up tents in the North Park Blocks area.

“Right around midnight we started to see shift in activity where different items were being brought in and barricades were being created,” said Portland Police Bureau Lieutenant Tine Jones.

One person was arrested when police dispersed the protesters early Thursday morning, but protesters left without police employing tear gas or rubber bullets.

“I do not want an autonomous zone set up in Portland,” the mayor said. “I’m watching what’s happening in Seattle, and I’m not impressed. I think it’s a distraction from the larger movement, and the movement is justice for black people.”

The attempt by demonstrators in Portland was likely inspired by protesters in Seattle, who have taken over a section of the city and set up the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), recently renamed the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP). Police have said they will not respond to calls from inside the zone unless they are life-threatening.

Yeah, we can’t be having you dirty protesters stinking up MY neighborhood is what he meant to say.

These fucking cretins are beyond contemptible.

7 thoughts on “Portland Protesters Attempt To Build Autonomous Zone Next To Mayors House, Portland Mayor, NIMBY Suckers.

  1. I almost bought a condo down there in the Pearl District. I wonder if is the building I looked at? I came to my sense when I went down there on a Saturday afternoon and saw all the yuppie assed liberals and the freaks walking, biking, panhandling…

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    • It’s all a high rent district now. Most, if not all of the old Victorian homes around there either got completely renovated and upgraded or demolished to make room for more Yuppie habitat.

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      • I ain’t no yuppie, but when I was working all the hospitals I thought being closer to Holladay Park, IImanual, Adventist, etc… Would lessen my commute times. I looked at small houses and condos and even back in the early ’90s I couldn’t believe the prices and the HOA rules and bullshit. I bought a Adult only Condo in Canby and paid not even half of what was being asked in Portland and far better place with minimum rules and no HOAs.


    • I had a house on Chautauqua, North Portland, a few blocks away from the North Portland Projects. We’d hear gunfire every once in a while, but from 1990 to 1999 it was actually/relatively quite calm. I got out of there, the LGBTQ was getting worse and worse and it was unhealthy for raising my kids there. Went back to Spokane, where I now hang my hat. However, Washington State is getting so bad that North Idaho, just 10 miles east of me, looks better and better all the time. Get some property on the East back side of Mt. Spokane and build my own hovel and say “Go away!” to the rest of the World.


      • I am glad I moved to Northern Idaho when I did. I believe you would be better off moving even around Post Falls if that area cleaned up, ( No neonazis?) . I have a good friend that lives in the Hillyard area off of Freya and she is thinking of moving and selling the house her parents built and left her when they passed. I would have moved close to her and started up where we left off. But Washington State got in the way. I have been talking with her, we keep in contact and convince her to come here in the garden area of Idaho. I liked that area up around Mt Spokane. Has it filled in with kalifornians? I used to have a small house I built out west of Medicine Lake and now I wished I had kept it and stayed working at one of the hospitals in Spokane. I liked my 5 acres of Heaven and no one around. But, now it would be difficult to live there under your dicktator isleed. If Eastern Washington were to break away and form their own state…


  2. The Mayor most likely had this shut down because he only wants their votes – likely deep down, he hates the whole works too. He’s just a vote-whore because like the voters in the AntiFa, he can’t get a real damn job.


  3. These are the same pampered pussies who live in gated communities
    while consigning minorities to violent inner-city war zones called ghettoes.
    These same cities are run by people whose hearts bleed for the so-called
    homeless but will not spend a dime of their own money to help them. A
    perfect example of this liberal hypocrisy was former Los Angeles, Mayor
    Tom Bradley. All of the “urban renewal” programs were a cash cow for
    his millionaire campaign donors who spent the funds on everything but
    the people like office complexes. All cities governed by liberals have been
    doing this for decades.

    They never gave a shit about minorities, the working poor, the homeless,
    and every other victim class. These are elitist scum who would not piss
    on the common man if he were on fire! The best example of this is when
    Granny McBotox Pelosi posted a video about how she was dealing with
    the lockdown, it featured (2) 26,000 dollar refrigerators with a freezer
    bin filled with 15 dollars a pint designer ice cream while people were
    shitting in the streets in Frisco less than a mile from her mansion!


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