Juneteenth Is The New Kwanza

A totally bullshit holiday pulled out of someones ass to try and mollify and appease 13% of the population who refuse to be mollified or appeased.

You can count me out.

23 thoughts on “Juneteenth Is The New Kwanza

  1. So that means we get to dress up in africa loincloths with nothing underneath, put a bone in my nose and dance like I am having an epileptic seizure? I can eat fried chicken and watermelon with out feeling guilty? I can kiss a blmer shoes as I am point a 45 up at his crotch? Win,win!


  2. I’d never heard of this Juneteenth BS until last week when Trump was persuaded to change the date of the Tulsa rally. And I’ll always be grateful to Ann Coulter for her fine essay on the history of Kwanzaa, an artificial holiday created by an FBI stooge.
    Holidays for most of my working career were just an excuse to score some easy overtime. I think I’ll just be like Tam Keel and celebrate the birthday of John Moses Browning as my personal favorite holiday.


  3. I had Juneteenth, Kwanza, and hyphenated names explained to me in the 8th grade the mid 70’s by a Civics teacher. His view is that if they were accepted the Republic was doomed.


    • Your Civics teacher was prophetic! And to think he wasn’t a commie. The Republic is doomed if we as Normal White Men don’t do something soon and devastating to the commie bolsheviks. Shoot a commie for mommie, she will give you a rooty-tooty root beer.


  4. Fuck that shit, it aint got crap to do with me.
    For all i care…they can have National We wont Committ Crime Day.
    Ok, i know. Still…
    It aint got crap to do with me.


  5. So, let’s see. They don’t celebrate the Emancipation Proclamation or Lincoln’s birthday, but they have MLK’s birthday, Black History Month (a whole month!) Kwanzaa. Now they want Juneteenth, a bullshit made up day of recognition of something that happened locally at a little berg in Texas in 1865, declared a National Holiday.

    A new National Holiday, when they can’t define the date any better than what they have.

    I’ll vote for that right after a I vote for the new national holiday called WHITE PEOPLE DAY, the day celebrating the building of Western Civilization.


    • According to the BLM Demoturds, WHITE PEOPLE DAY is 24/7/365.25.
      Let ’em yap. Just don’t try to burn my neighborhood, or I’ll celebrate John Moses Browning Day all over yer ass.

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