The Left Hand Doesn’t Know What The Right Hand Is Doing In Washington State

Lemme tell ya, the aggravation factor is high right now.

When all of this Lock Down bullshit started happening, our dear governor Inslee, (spit) started issuing emergency proclamations right and left.

Nobody knew what the fuck was going on and many like me, still don’t.

Apparently the rest of the government doesn’t either.

One of the many proclamations he spewed forth with was the suspension of the job search requirement for collecting Unemployment Benefits.

One thing I think he did right. ( I know, shocker, right?)

However, this proclamation came with an expiration date.

It has since been extended but that date came and went yesterday, even though much of the state is still trying to muddle through the “Phases” of reopening for business that he has also proclaimed.

After searching and searching and searching, through the unemployment website, the news and anything else I could think of, all I found was a website link on the unemployment website saying that it got extended in June.

That link took you to the same information saying that the job search suspension ended yesterday.

Pissed off and frustrated, I called the damn Governors Office to get an answer.

Of course you have to sit through five minutes of automated instructions doing their best to deflect you back to some other resource for you to bother but after calling twice I waded through that crap and actually got to talk to something resembling a human.

I told that person that I had one simple question that I was unable to get an answer to after searching the web for over an hour.

Is the job search still optional or not?

Well, he says, it expired yesterday but it has been extended again until the 28th of this month.

I said thank you very much and hung up.

I forgot to ask if the Unemployment division was aware of this bit of information dammit.

Apparently it is too much trouble to publish this information on the Unemployment website, or anywhere else for that matter.

I bit my tongue let me tell ya but pointing out what a large group of dumbasses we have currently fucking this state up as fast as they can would have been a waste of time on the little .GOV flunkie I was talking to.

These people could fuck up a wet dream though, I’m telling ya.

8 thoughts on “The Left Hand Doesn’t Know What The Right Hand Is Doing In Washington State

  1. It ain’t just Washington State…… If you see a “D” behind the politicians name, there is some weapons grade stupidity soon to follow.


  2. It’s everywhere. I call it the Global Competence Crisis. The plan to dumb down our society is working really well. I am amazed that the basic processes of civilization are still working and I don’t think they will be for long. Remember we live in a country where the majority of people voted for Hildabeast for president and the current Dem nominee is actually taken seriously as a candidate for President of The (Former) United States. Things that cannot continue will not.


  3. “To err is human, to really fuck things up you need the gubmint”.

    I first heard that some 45 years ago, it gets truer every year.


  4. I don’t think its just going ok there.
    Pretty sure that is common throughout the entire country.
    Anything government run is about as assbackwards and poorly managed as it can be.
    No different than the looters as I see it. Except by them applying unlimited force.
    And that there is the reason I’m sitting back watching it all burn.
    Deal with the commies should they show up in my yard,and pick up the pieces after this shitstorm blows over.



  5. I work my ass off but I’m laid off every winter so I’ve got a way around that bull shit Andy I’d be happy to share how but I can’t type for shit this took 10 minutes


  6. In Washington State, there IS a solution to at least a partial list of the present madness. Change governors! I’m suggesting Loren Culp for Governor (
    Washington had been circling the drain for the last 40 years or so, gettin closer to the drain hole by the year. Failed policies have built upon failed policies followed by even more failed policies without a clue as to the direction.
    Biggest issue why the blue hive bobbleheads win & entire state is controlled by 3 counties is that not enough people with common sense, conservative, or independent thought values bother to vote anymore…
    I met the man recently, he’s the Republic Chief of Police that stuck his finger in the eye of Inslee’s unconstitutional edict with proposition/bill (whatever you call it) I think it was 1639. Saying he would not enforce the taking of anyones Constitutional enumerated and guaranteed rights. His platform makes more sense than anyone has in the last 40 years, and I’ve lived under this commie rule for the last 48 years, mostly working elsewhere but home based here.
    I understand that there are as many conservative common sense people between Everett and Olympia as there are in the rest of the state, but don’t vote because they have simply given up the fight…… We need to change that!!! In the upcoming elections get off your ass and get out and vote, it ain’t that fuckin difficult… Or wake up soon and be greeted with the words, “Good morning – papers please – get in the boxcar”……… just sayin……

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