I Have Actually Seen People Do This

I thought having someone deliver your food was pretty cool, until I found out how much it cost.

We aren’t talking having a pizza delivered here. This is calling some food joint up, placing an order, paying for it with a debit card over the phone and then having some Uber driver go pick it up and deliver it to wherever you are at.

Then ya gotta pay for the driver, plus tip.

When I found out what people were paying for that I about shit myself. I thought they were complete fucking idiots.

Still do as a matter of fact.

4 thoughts on “I Have Actually Seen People Do This

  1. Hey Phil you’ll love this then. SNAP recipients in many states now can take advantage of a USDA pilot program (Thanks Sonny Purdue) to order groceries online and have them delivered instead of actually taking their deadbeat asses to the grocery store for their monthly tax payer funded freebies. It might make checking out at Chinamart a lot easier around the first of the month, if you’re stupid enough to go there then. SMH….


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