Behind The Scenes Here Lately

Oh there has been all kinds of shit going on around here this week.

Where to start?

How about the Apple tree that decided to uproot and fall into the house in slow motion on Monday?

Yeah, that was good times.

Thankfully it didn’t do any damage to the house but I had to call the rental management outfit and have them send a couple guys out to cut it up and clean up the mess.

I had literally been after them to trim those trees back since shortly after we moved in here because there are 3 of them, they are way overgrown and when they get full of Apples it turns into a giant mess that I wind up having to clean up and pay to dispose of. Guess there is one that won’t be a problem anymore.

It had basically rained here for two straight weeks.

Between the ground being saturated, the tree being too tall, loaded with Apples and leaning a bit to begin with, it’s over she goes.

This is a double win for me. There are some raised beds back there that I have been really wanting to put something in but because the trees are so over grown it was like a freaking cave back there. The only thing that grew well was moss.

No more. The tree and all the unripe Apples on it are gone and it opened that back area up in a big way.

So while the guys were here cleaning that up, I raked up a whole bunch of crap that had piled up back in that corner and then took it up and got rid of it.

That was Monday and Tuesday’s activities.

Wednesday I had to put together some funky assed Cat Tree the Wifely unit had ordered. It’s some POS that has platforms with “branches” and “leaves” and some fake ass “Trunk” that all screws together on some hunks of All Thread running up the middle and is pretty much a total joke compared to the one we had that was made out of carpet covered 4X4’s with a section that had Manila rope wrapped around it for the usual claw sharpening routine.

So far I haven’t seen a cat even get near this new POS.

Hard to see why, right?

Daaaaaamn that thing is ugly.

I don’t know what the fuck the wife was thinking but it’s her deal so there it is.

Then I had to disassemble the old one, 27, two inch long screws holding it together naturally.

I tossed the parts down in the garage, gathered up a bunch of trash, had the wife get all the trash out of the house and then staged it to load up and haul off today.

After all that I went out in the garage, took my old 3 jaw lathe chuck apart, cleaned it all out and messed with it for over an hour trying to get the excessive run out issue back into something useable.

Put it on, check it, 9 thou run out. Take it off, rotate it one hole on the spindle, check it, 11 thou,repeat. Take the jaws out, move them to the next set of slots, check it. You get the idea. I finally got it down to 5 thou and called it good enough.

About an hour after I got up this morning,(Thursday still) I went out and threw all that garbage in the rig and went to the dump. After that I spent two hours vacuuming up and mulching leaves off the 3 Magnolia trees out front, filled the yard debris can right back up with that, ran up to Wally World and got yet another gallon of weed killer and went around the front yard killing dandelions.

I was pretty much wore the fuck out after all that and my back was killing me so I came in the house and put my feet up for a bit.

Had something to eat a bit later and then the front doorbell rang at 7:30 P.M.

A late delivery.

This thing showed up so it was back out in the garage to put it together and play with it for a while.

It’s kind of funky with the cheap little clamp to hold it down, it’s all plastic except the Aluminium table but it has a variable speed knob and that I really like.

It’s quiet too. Double bonus.

I wanted it to try and mount a Diamond wheel on but that ain’t gonna happen after I looked it over real hard so I’ll just use it for a quicky little disc sander for little jobs instead of having to clean off and fire up the 9 incher for everything big or small. I have already used it to deburr some parts and it works pretty good for what it cost.

Then I dicked around with the old, old, belt driven Grinding wheel unit and finally got a Diamond wheel mounted to that.

It’s not exactly what I wanted but will do for the moment.

I had to make a nylon bushing for the center to mount on the shaft so it would fit so fixing that little lathe chuck was time well spent after all.

I am going to have to cut down the Aluminium spacer too.

So now you know why posting has been a bit sparse this week. I have been busier than a cat trying to bury shit on a hot tin roof since Monday morning.

15 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Here Lately

  1. I have that same lousy cat tree and my cats hate it, too! Going to donate to an animal shelter. If she got it from Chewy, all she has to do is say it’s not working for her and they’ll refund your money.

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  2. So, you taking a three day weekend now to revive your skinny ass? I think you ought to get a bigger ugly cat scratching post to put together. Cats are like kids, they have more fun with the boxes then the toys or the new dishwasher ya had to get to replace the 5 year old dishwasher that you had to replace previous to that one…

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  3. Solution for your tree problem

    Get a cordless drill and the longest possible drill bit you have.

    Get a quart of kerosene or diesel.

    Get a ladder, climb up into the top part of the apple tree.

    Drill down into the center of the tree, you may have to put 2-3 holes into it depending on diameter of hole.

    Fill hole with kerosene or diesel.

    It will take about a month, but it will kill the tree deader than anything.


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