9 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Dumbass Of The Day

  1. Speaking of dumbasses, I just came across a Popular Mechanics magazine article authored by a unknown gender James Stout. It felt that it was very important to explain how to topple statues using science. Of course the mag/rag provides disclaimer to the use of suggested methods of science to remove the “offensive statues”, they would never suggest doing such a thing, BUT, we’ll provide you with detailed directions/instructions on how to. I’ll be 72 next month, 22 years active duty US Navy, traveled all over the world and I’ve never seen such SHIT as what is currently going on in this country and around the world. Glad I don’t have a whole lotta years left on this blue marble, I don’t think my sanity (such as it is) would survive a lot more. Rant over, sorry about off topic, sorta.

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    • Yer fine Badseed, I appreciate the heads up and I echo your sentiments.
      There’s a whole lotta commie sympathizer sonsabitches out there that better be looking for a place to hide in the future.


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