What Is The Difference Between Malhuer And Seattle?

Black Privilege: Why Are Seattle Anarchists Coddled When Malheur Protestors Were Murdered?


I say it is discrimination to require anything less — the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

George W. Bush, penned by speech-writer, Michael Gerson

A group of peaceful protestors took over a small section of uninhabited public land in the Pacific Northwest. They were conscientious objectors to federal policies they claimed were unconstitutional and discriminatory. No one was hurt and no weapons were preemptively drawn. Law enforcement asked their leaders to a parley to bring about a peaceful resolution, and they quickly agreed. While on the way to that meeting, they were subsequently ambushed and bullets riddled their vehicle. With his arms wide in the air, one of the leaders was ruthlessly gunned down as a helicopter looked from above.

Another group of protestors, this one violent, took over six city blocks of mostly private property also in the Pacific Northwest. They objected to local policies they claimed were discriminatory. Weapons were drawn and violence was prominently promised. Law enforcement asked their leader to a parley to bring about a peaceful resolution, but they quickly refused. The group stole private property, vandalized public property, and committed a litany of criminal offenses. So far, that group has been coddled, pampered, and catered to by local and federal authorities.


 What could possibly be the reason for the disparity between how these two groups are treated?

To get the answer to this question, if you don’t already have a pretty good idea, go read the rest of this article here.

9 thoughts on “What Is The Difference Between Malhuer And Seattle?

  1. The people at Malheur where peaceful folks, peacefully assembled and asking for change. They didn’t want to kill anyone.

    The people in CHAZ or CHOP or whatever they’re calling it now are the opposite. They are violent people who want to burn down everything. They have no problems bashing in skulls with bricks, bike locks, or concrete poured into ice cream containers.

    They’re being coddled because some politicians want them to do it, and the others are afraid of them.

    Government is teaching the lesson that if you want to change things, you need to be ruthless and hurt some of theirs.


  2. Those who gunned down LaVoy have not met justice. Should we law-abiding people go on a rampage and burn/loot/shoot? No, but I DO want them brought to Justice!
    Let’s see if Bill Barr can be troubled to “investigate”…

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  3. The problem is, the Oregon governor, ultra left wing Kate Brown grew tired of her problem, coordinated with the FBI, and ambushed them in a very rural area in the snow, and It appears the FBI snipers in the trees across the road got trigger happy and fuked up, which let to the subsequent actions of the rest government shooters. Apparently one of the OSP officers did the killing.
    Kate Brown has blood on her hands, and doesn’t give a shit, or maybe more descriptive, a tryant in action.


  4. As much as I don’t like the Bundys, they were right in what they did. Peaceful armed resistance.

    Malheur was done for all the right reasons, to expose and publicize bureaucratic overreach and judicial misconduct. The murder of Lavoy Finnicum was a blight upon all of law enforcement, as most LEOs circled wagons with Lavoy’s murderers, like they circled wagons with the murderers at Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidians at Waco.

    Sad. Sad that this nation has continued the governmental overreach that resulted in the murdering of citizens during the Bonus Army marches, the various coal strikes, various prohibition and tax revolts starting from Day 1 (the Whiskey Rebellion.)

    Yet, on the other hand, select special classes can get away with anything. Like the leaders of murder-cells of the 60’s leftist movements. All rich now. Or the murdering cult followers of Charles Manson, who are getting pardoned (and why was Manson never excecuted? He was found way-guilty in plenty of time to hang or fry him.) Or the student take-overs of college campuses. And now we have Antifa, Pink Pussy People, Gay-Rights Marchers, BLM, Etc Etc Etc who openly march and destroy and litter and destroy and loot and pillage and destroy and get away with it.

    Like the stupidity of Charlottesville. The right-winger Proud Boys had the city’s ‘permission’ to hold a rally. Antifa and everyone else did not. And then the mayor and police chief forced the Proud Boys to walk through a gauntlet of leftists and only charged the proud boys when they protected themselves.

    Or… Seattle. Sorry, in a righteous world, local denizens would, in the absence of local or state forces, have formed committees of vigilance and gone and killed (as in military action killed, not murdered, as the local and state forces have given up on enforcing The LAW) the dumb Chazistanians and Chazholes who have taken public land by force and openly declared it not part of These United States.

    Fuckem. Kill them all, God will know His own.


    • Re: Charlottesville. I seem to remember a similar thing happening to people leaving a Trump rally in San Jose.

      I’m wondering if we’e going to see a repeat in Tulsa this weekend.


  5. Why the difference?

    The government agents are not afraid of reasonable tax-payers with everything to lose.
    The government agents are terrorfied of nut-jobs with nothing to lose.


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