Remember This? Corporations Are People Too?

Looks like now we get to see how you put one in jail.


PG&E pleads guilty to 84 deaths from 2018 Northern California wildfire

Pacific Gas & Electric pleaded guilty to 84 felony counts of involuntary manslaughter in the Camp Fire that wiped out the Northern California town of Paradise.

The plea came during a dramatic court hearing designed to publicly shame the nation’s largest utility for neglecting its infrastructure. The November 2018 blaze was blamed on the company’s crumbling electrical grid.

13 thoughts on “Remember This? Corporations Are People Too?

  1. The question is how to put a corporation behind bars…….because I doubt any of the executives will be held accountable individually.


  2. PG&E is not guilty! Of all of the idiotic theories of the radical tree-huggers,
    the concept of benign neglect is the worst. In this fucked up state, it
    is a crime to clear underbrush and deadwood from the forest floors.
    There are no controlled burns taking place in this state and PG&E
    could be cited or prosecuted if they cut firebreaks around their high
    tension lines.

    All three types of high tension insulators will break or melt at the temperature
    of a wind-driven forest fire. This would cause conductor sag allowing the
    conductors to flop around like a dick in a shirtsleeve. The idiot communist
    governor Gavin Gruesome scapegoated PG&E for his own forest
    management policies. Everything the left touches, it fucks up!


    • Exactly what you said. PG&E is less guilty than the politicians that put the restrictions on clearcutting, harvesting, fire-prepping the forests and transmission lines. In normal states, the transmission lines have right of way to 30 to 50 feet on either side of the lines as the spark-jump from transmission lines varies from 7ft to 11ft depending on the energy levels.

      The politicians who regulate the electric costs and make PG&E run at a bare profit or at a loss should also be held guilty.

      So should the environmentalist lobbies.

      So should anyone who voted for over-control of either the utilities (through citizen commissions) or the environmental rules.

      It’s just like policing. They order that nothing is to be controlled. They order that nothing is enforced. They order that no policing is done. And then when the world explodes on fire it it the police whom they blame for everything burning.

      Stupid stupid world. Feckit. I am almost to the point of saying, “Let it burn. Let all the people who voted and wanted the world to burn be burned.”


  3. How good is this. A person who killed 84 people would be considered a serial killer, and probably would be behind bars in solitary like hannibal lecter. But good ole pge gets fined 10 grand per death, plus a few other small fines, and they get away with paying what, about 4 million? Chump change. The cocksuckers who were on the board at that time should all go to prison for life. If I did that, or you did that , that is in fact where we would wind up.


    • How about the cocksuckers who controlled how much PG&E charged for energy, thus ensuring that they operated at a bare minimum.

      How about the cocksuckers who lobbied for and enforced environmental regulations that stopped any forest management to stop the yearly fires in California.

      How about the cocksuckers who said tree trimming and brush management made too much noise and they didn’t want it in their backyard?

      Or the cocksuckers who voted and pushed through closing local power plants thus forcing PG&E to buy power from far away.

      How about all the cocksuckers who forced PG&E up against the wall before the fires and held their hands and stopped them from doing anything about the fire potential.

      How about all the cocksuckers who built houses with wooden walls and asphalt or wood shingles in the woods that have been dry and dangerous for fucking ever? Where’s their responsibility?

      How about the cocksuckers who made it illegal for so many reasons to clear around one’s home, remove dangerous trees and vegetation, and take personal responsibility for destroying places for rats and mice to breed, And when someone did so, clearing away brush and debris, they got fined for destroying ‘habitat.’

      PG&E is at fault. But their fault is so far down the line that it’s funny. It’s like blaming the coal shoveler down in the engine room for a ship running aground.


        • Thanks. It is unfortunately true. Like what’s happening with all the PDs right now. Blaming the officers for doing their jobs while not taking responsibility for what happened. That responsibility generally lies on the city council and mayors who required lax policing standards that led to Seattle being occupied and such.

          And, no, George Floyd was not murdered by cops. He was dead from a drug-induced heart attack from being in ill-health and swallowing a handful of drugs. He was moving but dead by the time the handcuffs were on him.


        • You just got bitchslapped, Fred. Go slink off somewhere and play with yourself. If you can’t analyze the problem like Beans did (excellent job, Beans), then STFD and STFU. It’s people like you that cause these problems. Critical Thinking ain’t your forte, much less your pianissamo, and I’d be willing to bet you voted Dumbocrat.


            • You have expressed your opinions. We have expressed ours.

              In a polite, educated society, learned discourse is encouraged. In other words, you defend, logically and factually, your opinion and we do the same.

              Calling someone names, sticking one’s fingers in one’s ears and saying “Neener, neener, I can’t hear you, neener neener,” are not parts of learned discourse. More the tools of fanatics and the uneducated and ill-informed.

              As to PG&E being guilty. Yes. yes they are. But who’s more guilty, the person that commits the physical crime or the person who orchestrates the crime? How culpable are the idiotic voters who forced PG&E to conform to regulations that they said would end up in death and destruction? Just so you know, the utility magazines (dealing with aspects of transmission, distribution, trimming, maintaining the electric grid) all called out for years and years, going back to the late 1990’s that the situation in California was a recipe for disaster – that recipe of underfunded replacement of equipment, not allowing clear-cutting of the line out to an industry distance (I think it’s like 20′ on either side of the transmission line with the distance getting wider depending on ground or fire conditions.)

              How culpable are the voters and Home Owner Associations who forced zoning boards to make metal roofs and cement wall board illegal to use, and actually specifying ‘natural’ materials for walls and roofs?

              How culpable are the enviromentalists that pushed creation of laws and regulations that wouldn’t allow homeowners to clear flammable material and brush away from their homes?

              And how culpable are the legislaturists who accept bribes and funding from the HOAs, the environmentalists, and others, to push the laws that created the controls over PG&E in the first place?

              Like… the laws and regulations that shut down coal and gas power plants near urban locations, and shut out nuclear plants, instead requiring the building of huge numbers of windmills while giving those windmills the environmental dispensations to kill endangered wildlife like eagles, condors, bats, and everything else, and allowing those windmills to pollute the environment with oils and solvents.

              Seriously. Calm down. Look at the facts. Quit being the person who moved next to an airport and then complained about the sound.


          • Thank you.

            It’s like the people who blame the gas stations for the high cost of gas. When it’s environmental regulations, local-state-federal taxes and all sorts of fees and other regulations that push gas up so high. Most stations make a penny or two per gallon at the most in net profits.

            Same with utilities and utility lines – both transmission (big lines) and distribution (local lines like to your house.)

            And it’s not just overhead utilities. Many places that require underground electric distribution also specify uni-trenching. One big damn trench holding power, telecom, fiber and gas. So let’s combine gas and electric and go kill a line-worker or two per month because same regulations calling for uni-trenching also don’t allow audible gas alarms because it would annoy the neighbors. Seriously.

            As bad as regulating train horn hours, and then allowing people to sue the railroads when family members get plowed over because they ran the barrier.


  4. One last comment.

    Okay, send the execs of PG&E to prison, but only after you throw the illegal aliens and homeless who started murder-fires in prison.

    Seriously. You can’t let the illegals and homeless who set fires off scot-free and then say you’re going to jail some executives.


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