Looks To Me Like The Chinese Have Their Hands Full Now

Let’s see, they had the Wuhan Flu, have another strain currently going around that has caused a full military type lock down response and have been feuding back and forth with Trump and getting their asses handed to them economically. Speaking of economics, they have been manipulating their currency for decades and over the last year or so their economy has taken a nose dive. Let’s not forget the corporate espionage and the rampant theft of intellectual property they have been accused of for decades now either.

They have been buying Africa wholesale for farmland because they can’t feed their own people even though they have a huge country physically.

Then there is another subject you are just starting to hear about, the Chinese actually control some of our elected officials. Mainly ones who have a big D behind their names.

They have been playing the bully down in the South China Sea for several years now trying to expand their military holdings and because there are some disputed oil deposits there they want. A side effect of that has resulted in the  pushing around of Viet Nam and the Philippines and now they have decided to take on their nuclear weapons owning Super Power neighbor India, who has about the same population numbers.

I’m sure there are a couple of things I missed but hey, I’m no Chinese expert, this is all right off the top of my head.

Things are heating up on that last front.

India soldiers killed in clash with Chinese forces

Three Indian soldiers have been killed in a clash with Chinese forces in Ladakh in the disputed Kashmir region.

The Indian army said “senior military officials of the two sides are meeting to defuse the situation”, adding that both sides suffered casualties.

China responded by calling on India not take unilateral actions or stir up trouble, the Reuters agency reported.

China has also accused India of crossing the border and attacking Chinese soldiers, the AFP agency said.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian was quoted as saying that India had crossed the border, “provoking and attacking Chinese personnel, resulting in serious physical confrontation between border forces on the two sides”.

Beijing has not announced any Chinese casualties.

The clash comes amid rising tensions between the two countries. India has accused China of sending thousands of troops into Ladakh’s Galwan valley.

The deaths are believed to be the first in decades in a confrontation between the two powers. They have fought only one war so far, in 1962, when India suffered a humiliating defeat.

India accuses China of occupying 38,000 sq km of its territory. Several rounds of talks in the last three decades have failed to resolve the boundary disputes.

In may, dozens of Indian and Chinese soldiers exchanged physical blows in a clash on the border in the northeastern state of Sikkim. And in 2017, the two countries clashed in the region after China tried to extend a border road through a disputed plateau.

The Indian army is expected to address reporters shortly to provide more information about the incident.

So at this point, anyone who has been paying even the slightest attention to all of this must be asking themselves this question right about now,

Is China truly capable of sustaining a multi front war?

Because that is exactly what they are trying to do, you just won’t see any mention of it from the Main Stream Media in this country.

If you have to ask why that is, you haven’t been paying attention.

16 thoughts on “Looks To Me Like The Chinese Have Their Hands Full Now

  1. China’s belligerence on all fronts is a mystery. What do they seek to gain? I have often thought they could exploit the common history of the region being exploited by European, Japanese, and American colonialism. China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia all were victims of the same colonialists. Surely, an alliance of China and Korea against Japan makes sense, and others do, too.


    • Because the Chinese think everyone else is a fucking monkey. The Chinese term for Koreans is “kao-li bon-ze” which translates to “Koreans who deserve to be beaten with sticks”. And southeast Asians (Laotians, Filipinos, Viets) are nigger monkeys. The Indonesians and Malays are Muslim nigger monkeys which is even worse. The Chinese purely hate Muslims. Yeah, that’s how the Chinese think.

      In their ethnocentrism and belief that all “outsiders” are subhumans the Chinese (who are the second most bigoted people on Earth) are very like the most bigoted people on Earth. Where the Chinese fail is that they have low verbal acuity and are not good at rules lawyering, plus they are not good at the victimhood narrative. The most bigoted people on Earth are really good at all three of those traits, which is why they control Western culture and about 50% of academia and the courts in the US.


  2. Taiwan and hong cong, japan, locusts, army worms, drought, you name it they got it. their prez for life must feel like dj trump right now.


  3. So the heathen chinese, who have been handed our manufacturing base, are fighting the dot heads, who have been handed our technological lead.

    Can somebody help me out with who I should root for to win?


    • India. At least it’s a sort-of democracy, if they can keep it.
      We’ve been on the outs with them lately, but the chickens are coming home to roost and India is starting to dislike China. A lot.


      • Root for neither. Keep the Chinese and the Indians at each others’ throats.

        We know the problems with the Chinese. The Indians may do the apple polishing and “yes sahib” to your face, but they purely HATE the British, and by extension Americans. If any group is going to displace Jewish power in the US it is Indians. They have higher verbal acuity than Chinese, and are good at sucking up, rules lawyering, and sneaky bureaucratic infighting. By comparison Chinese are freaking autistic. Chinese break the rules. Indians manipulate rules to make you out to be the bad guy.


  4. An interesting take. I think we’re seeing the death spasms of the CCP like we saw the death spasms of the USSR.under Reagan. Check your fallout shelter and pop some popcorn. 2020 ain’t done with our kiesters yet – hell, we’re not halfway done with the year and the murder hornets have to make a serious appearance. Interesting times indeed…… “Buckle up your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”


  5. They are learning the lesson of Rome Great Britain, Nazi Germany, and all
    other failed empires, overextension. The US got shit hammered with the
    Chinese Kung Flu, but the financial markets are already clawing their
    way back. All the while Americans were forced to sit on their asses at
    home, the Chi-com economy cratered and the hole is getting bigger
    and deeper. Our west coast ports are still littered with empty Conex
    containers because nothing is being shipped out of Chinese ports.

    They are also going to learn the lesson of Japan. At one time, there
    were worries that Japan was going to turn America into a part of
    Japan inc. because they were buying up so many companies in
    this country. What did them in was their socialistic subsidy system
    which led to a near depression level recession that lasted more than
    a decade.

    China subsidizes foreign companies, but the state owns all domestic
    businesses. Add the foreign expansion factor and the simple truth
    is their economy is taking a Jolly Green Giant size shit! The Chi-com
    leaders are not stupid so their saber-rattling with India is a bluff.
    India has a small nuclear arsenal and should they go toe to toe,
    India would lose, but not without serious Chinese losses. India
    went nuclear once Pakistan became a nuclear power. The
    great thing about this incident is that all the Indians need is
    to reprogram their IRBMs to hit Beijing, industrial and financial
    sectors, etc.


  6. Don’t make the mistake of assuming Western strategy on an Eastern government. China is playing a much longer game than any Western government can (what with our having pesky elections regularly). Remember that China is a manufacturing powerhouse, with massive trade surpluses with everyone. If they go down, the world goes down. As a Communist country, they can exist just fine through a financial collapse, where a Western country will fall into depression, civil unrest, and be easy pickings for a strong military. Think about it this way: the West has been hollowed out from the inside (politically, culturally, etc), with a strong military and financial “crust”, making it look strong from the outside, but being very fragile on the inside. China has a fragile western-style economic crust over an iron core of tyrannical communism with a growing military strength. Guess which one wins when you start banging them together? So, China doesn’t have to get into a shooting war, they just need to be the last one standing when the western economies all go down the dumper, then they pick up the pieces.

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