7 thoughts on “I May Be Crazy But I Ain’t Stupid

  1. I like she got two wheelchairs though, they are hard to catch on the road… I know I try. Speaking of Mollala, today a couple saw my Ornery Bastard on Board Bumper Sticker today at the furniture store and commented about it and wondered where I got it. I told you a friend in Vancouver. They said they were from Mollala and asked me if I knew where that was… I told them I am from Canby and I did know where Mollala was. They are looking to move up this way. They said Mollalla was getting weird! Too many Damn Portlanders moving there to get away from the freaks and panhandlers.


  2. I had a work van that I stenciled that kind of stuff. Besides the bicyclists and pedestrians I had baby strollers and wetback dad and mom pulling their chillen. No animals except a couple of deer.

    Only a few sneered. Most got the humor.


  3. Looks like Nana Was a fan of Death Race from the 75 with David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone. I wonder how many points they are all worth.


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