Insert Tab A Into Slot B…

Then install 8 to 10 screws.

Move to the left and repeat.

Move to the left and repeat.

Move to the left and repeat.

Get Cousin on one end on ladder, get on ladder on other end of left side, insert tab A into slot B for roof panel. Install 8 to 10 screws.

Repeat process for right side.

Install middle section of roof, insert tie down hooks and screw to support bars, repeat other side.

Install approximately 288 screws around perimeter of inside at top and bottom.

Adjust doors to close as necessary.

Turn over new She Shed to 79 year old Aunt.


It was the usual fiasco but there ya go.

23 thoughts on “Insert Tab A Into Slot B…

  1. I wrote a very short one page illustrated sex manual that started out like that. Insert tab A into slot B. Repeat as necessary.


  2. we got 1 of those for cousins hunt shack.
    his worry was, is it bearproof?
    we told him, its made by Rubbermaid. it won’t stop a bear, but will keep you fresh till bear eats you.

    he was not amused


  3. Very nice work. Sheds have come a very long way since the razor sharp pressed steel Sears shed I assembled in 1982, that was sheer torture and blood letting.

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