A Very, VERY, Talented Young Man

His name is Cà Lem and he has a Youtube channel that he shares his machining skills on, among may others, and I think you will be pretty damn impressed with the talent this  young guy has.

Just the intro into this retrospective alone is worth watching!

Then keep watching and get a gander at some of the junky looking equipment he transformed and pay special attention to the quality of the pieces he turns out.

I was and still am,  absolutely amazed.

This is a video he posted recently celebrating 100,000 subscribers.

He should be over a million .

(Wait until you see the hammer!)


7 thoughts on “A Very, VERY, Talented Young Man

  1. When I was working for a Millwright service company, the machinists never
    ceased to amaze me. Modern CNC equipment is fine for production work,
    but custom machinists are true artisans. We rebuilt a number of deep-
    well pumps. Imagine a number of large threaded pipes connected by
    couplings. At each coupling, there was a “spider bearing” in the middle
    consisting of a machined bronze bearing. The impeller shaft was also
    a number of segments held together by couplings to make the overall
    length of 10 to 20+ feet in length.

    Absolute concentricity had to be maintained from the motor coupling at
    top to the centrifugal impeller at the bottom. These guys knew every
    rule of thumb clearances and tolerances for everything they worked on
    including cast iron and Teflon ring gaps, clearances, plain and ball/
    roller bearing clearances, etc. I will watch the video in a few minutes
    but if this kid is good, he could be earning 100k+ working in the
    Millwright or other heavy industry.

    Here is a link to the company I used to work for:



  2. I worked in a machine shop.. A drunk monkey could run a taper better than I could after six months and hours agonizing over it,, I learned to sharpen drill bits,, and have used that since,, So, as someone who Wanted to be a machinist,, I see what this guy does and am Floored. I Hope he gets discovered and employed by someone who utilizes his artistic skills and machining abilities,,


  3. This guy is amazing! Machinist, artist, engraver, sculptor all rolled into one. What a guy!

    He can definitely help you with that mini-lathe, Phil…


  4. Howdy,
    I almost am intimidated enough that I don’t really want to ask this question…..y’all have so much more metal working knowledge then I.
    But, here goes: when do you “clean” your files?
    I had a woodworking project that required aluminum angle to protect the corners of the wood. I cut the angles and then used a bastard file to soften the edges. Now, that file is “gunked” up with aluminum particles. Will a file brush be enough to clean the file or ???
    Oh and the second part of that question is….I have a quantity of my dad’s old farm tools. There are a couple of files in that group that don’t seem to cut anymore……are they in need of cleaning or are they dull and just a wall hanger?

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    • Hi Steve. Don’t be afraid to ask questions around here.
      If you add up the experience gained between me and a few hundred guys that stop by here, we are talking literal centuries of experience and we are all pretty good about sharing knowledge.
      I actually answered your questions in a new post, here.


      I have posted it before but it was a long time ago and it would be faster and easier to watch the video there and read what I said after it than it would be for me to type it all out. I hope this helps and like I said, don’t be bashful around here.


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