14 thoughts on “Woke And Pissed Off!

    • I wouldn’t have said jack shit until July 5th or 6th Show up on the NIGHT of July 3rd and get the fuck out before dawn. You just telegraphed to the Goofy ass governor and the summer of love mayor what you plan to do. You NEVER reveal OPSEC information to the enemy. NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!!!!!!! Of course PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE WORKS TOO.


    • IF, the little shitweasels haven’t moved on due to malnourishment by then, I’ll believe that shit when I see it.
      Kinda like that Hell’s Angels and Mongols story that keeps popping up.

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  1. This is how this shit always starts, by a weak kneed people that will not call it what it actually is. Here’s another sample of someone calling it like it is. Don’t particularly like people from “Jersey” but dayum, I sure do like their ability to call shit shit, and their attitude to go with it. And yup, I’ll go to the grave fighting for “Jersey Girls” right to call it like she sees it, Ya don’t like it,….Eat shit ….

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  2. The initial video is gone, it says “Unknown error, Learn more. The “Learn more” takes you too a wordpress site that wants to “Get started now”. I left. 1426 PDT


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