“I made a patio table from my late Grandpa’s wrench collection.”


Is it maybe because YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE THEM?

What a waste.

I only wish I could be there when it tips over and lands on your toes because looking at what you used for legs tells me the top heavy fucker is going to.

9 thoughts on “Sacrilege!!

  1. They look like cheap assed wrenches from sears and harbor fright crap tools… No big loss. Now, if they were Snap-Ons, Macs, Kleins, etc.. then I would have shed a tear or two.


    • Cederq,
      I have a bunch of my Grandaddy’s old wrenches that look just like that and most are Craftsman or of that quality. I don’t know why but back in the day they rounded them instead of squaring the gripping part?


  2. I have about 400 lbs of mismatched scrap garage sale/auction wrenches. That actually looks pretty clever and easy to weld up. I was thinking of building a T-Rex model with em, or maybe a giant rooster (same thing really).


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