I Am Totally Impressed!

I bet it’s not cheap but damn.

If you have ever had to fish wires through conduit, you know this thing is cool.


12 thoughts on “I Am Totally Impressed!

    • They look like utility sweeps, not true 90 degree turns… but I could be mistaken, I always put a pull box just after 3 90’s as it is hard to pull even them.

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  1. If I can’t push a fish tape through the conduit, I use a shop vac and pull a string trough it and then pull wire.

    Seldom is there a conduit that you can’t vacuum a string through.

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  2. My business partner modified an old salt water pole and reel to pull wire. Pole was busted, so he cut it down to about 12″ past the reel. Uses, I think, 100lb test nylon line. Vacuum it into the conduit, reel it back out. We often have to pull control wire out around 100′. Works good up to about #8 wire.

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      • I should have mentioned; We work inside of factory’s. This is used on control wiring for machinery being installed/modified. So, nope, no corrosion problems.

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        • I was being kinda round about smart assed… You stated your partner used an old SALT water pole… salt and connections and terminations are not friends of each other.


    • I had a 100′ plus run with a sweep type rigid elbow and a single
      pull box. In place of a vacuum, I used an air nozzle. I cut a
      small piece of shop rag, tied nylon twine to rag and used
      electrical tape to make a ball. Hold twine in one hand and
      use an air nozzle in the other. You have to maintain a little
      drag or the twine or will ball up inside the conduit.

      During a shutdown at the Chevron refinery, I witnessed a
      half-dozen guys pulling some very heavy power cables using
      the Egyptian method. The foreman was yelling 1,2,3 pull
      repeatedly, and during a break, I asked the foreman if he
      was aware they made machines for that. He responded
      that this technique was quicker and easier.


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