7 thoughts on “A Good Ol’ Boy Fer Sher

    • Oh man I didn’t notice that before. He needs to have his Snap-On tools taken away from him! I at least used a Craftsman tool box to house my Snap-Ons, Macs and Kleins…


  1. And the bigger point is, why do you need to label your tool drawers in the first place?
    If my wife wants a specific tool, I will either tell her in detail where it is, and if it isn’t my wife, they shouldn’t be opening the tool drawers.


  2. As an air and gas compressor mechanic and Millwright, I managed to get
    30 years in without ever turning a Forn wrench. Ingersoll Rand, Clark, Joy,
    Chicago Pneumatic, and any other brand of double-acting air or gas
    compressor I worked on was made in ‘Merca. It was not until the Euro-
    weenies started marketing their compressors in America that I ever needed
    a metric tool. The American brands were big, heavy, and bulletproof. The
    Euro-shit was light (mostly aluminum alloy,) under-engineered garbage. A
    lot of these machines had a habit of cratering.

    Most small compressors were even worse. All of the American brands ran
    at about 900 RPM. A 5 or 10 HP Quincy or Ingersoll Rand had either a
    hydraulic unloader or a low oil level switch installed to protect against
    low oil level conditions. Atlas Copco (Crapco) marketed a featherlight all
    alloy crankcase, heads, and sleeved cylinders. They came with a cheap
    ass plastic sight gauge and they ran at 1,800 RPM. When these fuckers
    grenaded, they really did grenade! A Marxifornia dairy farmer had one
    of his cows was injured when the machine exploded.

    Here is an example of a real compressor:


    • Jis DAM, Leonard Jones—Stuff RUNS because of people like you, bro! Thanks for 30 years of doing it right. Retire freely, and enjoy it!


      • Based on the 8 crosshead pins on the pallet that is 4 cylinders
        per side, so it is an Ingersoll Rand HHE which are common in
        oil refineries. These cylinders are not even close to being big.
        The 8 valve ports bottom of the centerline are a bitch on the
        big ones. Imagine lying on a steel grate shoving a 70 pound
        valve assembly in with your arm through a steel valve “chair.”
        You have to properly seat the valve and copper gasket, and
        hold it there while someone places the chair and snugs a set-
        screw. Then imagine doing this 16 times. Then you have
        to place heavy steel valve covers and torque 96 bolts to
        750 L/B. It’s a fucking 12-hour workout!


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