The Far Left Is Eating It’s Own In Seattle And It Is Hysterical To Watch

BLM and Seattle’s very own Socialist Councilwoman have taken over city hall after she opened the doors with her keys and let them in!

Hundreds of protesters meet inside Seattle City Hall during 12th night of protests

A large group of protesters and Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant met inside City Hall Tuesday night during the 12th consecutive night of protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Councilmember Sawant and her staff allowed the protesters inside the building, which is typically locked up at night. She addressed the crowd and discussed the upcoming council discussions on chokeholds and chemical weapons, police budget and the “Amazon Tax.”

Many protesters called for Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign as calls for defunding Seattle’s police department have increased in urgency.

Officers deployed tear gas on protesters in Capitol Hill Saturday night, one day after Durkan announced a 30-day ban on using tear gas.

This is AFTER a bunch of  armed protesters took over Capitol Hill and a hastily abandoned Police station in downtown Seattle and basically declared it a No Go zone.

‘You’re Now Leaving the USA’: Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Declared in Seattle

Protesters in SeattleWashington declared a region that includes the East Precinct as the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” after the Seattle Police Department and the National Guard pulled out of the region. The Precinct building appears empty, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reported, and now the six-block region has been declared “autonomous” with signs on barricades the read: “You are now leaving the USA.” This isn’t a legal region or recognized by any government. It’s an unofficial name given by protesters who have vowed to keep thee region peaceful. Read on to see photos, maps of the region, and learn more about the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ for short.)

A Sign on One of the Blockades Says: ‘You’re Now Leaving the USA’



Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle. 6 blocks retaken back for the people. “You are now leaving the USA” when you enter. Long live the fucking revolution. ✊🏽

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The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone isn’t a legal region, but it’s the informal name of a roughly six-block area in Seattle that protesters were able to take over after police left the region. It includes the East Precinct. A sign on one of the blockades as you enter the area reads: “You are now leaving the USA.” Another sign reads, “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”


I have been giggling like a giddy schoolgirl all fucking night watching this shit.

It looks like Dr. Frankenstein has lost control of his monster to me and he is on a bender out tearing shit up left and right.

Fucking assholes up there deserve every fucking second of this shit too.

Have some bitches.

All y’all thought you were so cool, so, so, Progressive and shit.

Well ya done let the lunatics start running the asylum now  and shit is about to get really, really, fucked up.

The Siege Of Seattle Has Begun.

Those radicals who have that six fucking square block of Prime Real Estate blocked off and who have, GASP!, semi automatic rifles are going to be a bit of a problem SOMEBODY up there is going to have to deal with eventually.

Might want to think about doing it sooner rather than later too,


And since Governor Fuckwit has been more than happy to sit on his ass and allow all this to happen while making sure the National Guard who was on the scene were unarmed and the fucking police have abandoned  their fucking Precinct, you all have got a real problem to deal with now.

Oh My Sides the Hilarity!

At this point, after all of the complete fucking insanity I have seen come out of the leadership of this entire state, about the only thing I have to say to each and every one of you dumb motherfuckers up there is this.

Have a good time and enjoy the new paradise that you ordered.

Wait, there is, just one more thing.

Keep that shit up there, we have enough trouble with the Commies across the river in Portlandistan.


26 thoughts on “The Far Left Is Eating It’s Own In Seattle And It Is Hysterical To Watch

  1. Encourage the rest to join them in their new safe space, then seal it off and bomb the living shit out of everything in there. No quarter, ever. If they believe so much in what they are doing, then have them die for their cause. Then it is a win-win situation, the area can be rebuilt and the vermin has been exterminated with plenty of fresh new vacancies elsewhere for living and many new job vacancies to boot.


  2. They should be reminded of how the siege of Munster turned out in the 1600s. With demonstrations to make everything clear.


  3. You’ve got to know the area better than I do – it’s impossible to know it worse than I do. I’ve heard that innocent people are living in the area they seized. Is that true?

    If it is, chances are antifa will take everything they have and ruin them, if not kill them outright, but I’d like to see some effort to get people who live there out. Then burn it to the ground.


    • I read a comment on a blog (maybe Kenny’s?) from one who lives in Seattle that the city has long tried to out do every other progressive city, that they keep pushing left, left, left. Plus, that 6 block area is the gayest place of the entire city. So, I wonder where are the innocents since they have all voted and supported the far left progressives. That it is now out of their control makes them no less culpable.

      If there truly are any ‘innocent’ persons – that have not and do not support the left progressive communist garbage spew – then yes, they should be safely gotten out of there.


  4. Here’s a sobering thought for you: after all this shit is over, who do you think is going to be paying for all this (repairing the physical damage, paying the overtime, and for whatever moronic demands the residents of CHAZistan are given)? That’s right, YOU.


  5. I forgot to say that they should cut off electricity, water and seal off the sewers (if they are their own country, then they need to deal with that with their own money).
    I am not extremely well read on US laws. However, the insurrection in Canada (the Metis /Riel Rebellion) was squashed harshly and talks didn’t begin until years and years later. How do know? People of my own family were there when this went down all around them; my Great Grandfather was the Indian Agent at Onion Lake. If there had not been any shooting or guns involved, it may have turned out better (Louis Riel had murdered a few people before jumping on their bandwagon).
    So now, the instant that these people had guns within the “self-declared zone”, the only response that matters should be applied by the Marines. I am aware that POTUS does not need Congressional approval to deploy them for most things, but I am not well versed enough to say about domestic situations.


  6. Everyone is focused on the “protesters”, but no one is focusing on the councilcritter who unlocked the doors and let them in in the first place. Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t she be facing treason charges at the very least?


  7. Must be the rad left, feral right, antifa, may be fascists… really, anyone asked them?
    What is it they want again?

    My call is third party would be misguided patriots. Shut the water, kill
    the lights it will end fast.

    Bunch of wanna bees.



  8. Wait…didn’t they have a sign that said “you are exiting the USA if you entre here”?
    SOOOOoooooo, wouldn’t that mean that they renounced their US citizenship? And wouldn’t that mean that the US military could go in and tearass until nothing moves?
    They wouldn’t be going against American citizens.


    • These dumbasses are in for a yuge rude awakening.
      I told someone last night that their Achille’s heel was going to be logistics and just like they read my mind, a few minutes later I see they are begging for supplies.
      It got even funnier this morning when I saw a Tweet saying that they had invited the local homeless population to stop in for breakfast and they took ALL THE FOOD!
      So now they are ALREADY, begging for people to send in Vegan food supplies.
      If it wasn’t so fucked up I would be rolling on the ground holding my sides.
      I can see these morans either giving up because of hunger or getting hunted down like the rats they are by Federalized Hit Squads at this point.


      • Seeing the left eat the left is giving me a Schadenboner! The
        communist radicals of Antifa will eat the “liberal politicians.”
        It happens every time communists obtain power. The thugs
        in the capitol are already calling for the mayor to resign and
        their food provisions have been stolen by the homeless. It
        reminds me of the famous Winston Churchill quote:


      • If I lived closer I’d sit across from the blockade and eat a burger.

        Or if you wanted to be a dick you could drop them off hay cubes, it’s what vegan’s eat right?


  9. Bulldoze the whole left coast off in the pacific ocean. ANTIFA stands for Associated Not Too Intelligent Freaking Anarchists and “WOKE” stands for Without Knowledge Extremely.I have spoken


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