NASCAR Jumps The Shark

I quit watching NASCAR so long ago I can’t even remember when it was now but I do know it was shortly after they fucked themselves and started listening to Soccer Moms tell them how to run their show.

Now they have gone ahead and put a gun to their own heads to finish themselves off.

Bubba Wallace Black Lives Matter car: NASCAR’s only African American driver will race with BLM images, slogans Wednesday



Bubba Wallace’s No. 43 car will feature Black Lives Matter, logos and messages when he races in the Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 500 NASCAR Cup Series race, Wednesday at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia.

The car, which is part of Richard Petty Motorsports, is painted black and features an African American hand and a white hand clasped together on the hood with the words “Compassion, love, understanding” written underneath it. The same three words run across his back bumper while “#BlackLivesMatter” is written over his left rear wheel with a peace symbol behind it.”

The pandering here is off the charts.

Like your average Black Lives Matters adherent is even remotely interested in NASCAR racing or your average NASCAR fan is a proponent of Black Lives Matter?

I eagerly await the announcement of NASCAR’s impending bankruptcy at this point.


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27 thoughts on “NASCAR Jumps The Shark

  1. Let’s hope at least one racer has enough pride to flip that son of a bitch in the opening lap. Before would be even better. I’d support that glorious bastard for the rest of my life.


  2. You cannot find a whiter sport in America. The average NASCAR fan is
    a Southern conservative Christian. If the left corrupts the organization,
    it will make the Dixie Chicks effect look like small change.

    PS Why do NASCAR fans fuck doggie style?

    So they can both watch the races on TV.


  3. Political correctness has ruined yet another heritage of this nation. They can keep pushing this ‘new age’ way of thinking but at some point, there will be vigorous push back by a lot of Americans who have had enough.


  4. I quit watching it about twenty years ago, when I noticed it was three hours of advertising interrupted by commercials.

    Why bother holding the race? Just declare Bubba the winner now and save a bunch of gas and wear-and-tear on the cars?

    I can’t believe the Pettys have sunk this low…


  5. I quit when it started stages. I didn’t like the “chase”, but watched for a while. Then they started with the WWE at the beginning and I was gone.
    It’s no longer racing.


  6. >>>You cannot find a whiter sport in America. The average NASCAR fan is
    a Southern conservative Christian. <<<

    You forgot their origins, revenue runners aka bootleggers! Just maybe they
    need a lick of their own stuff.


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    • Yes, but the South has evolved. A study taken a few decades
      ago revealed that a black person was much more likely to face
      racism in the North than even the deep South. The origins of
      NASCAR is irrelevant to the current situation. Having said that,
      we are a nation of rebels. Moonshine runners are no exception.
      If private citizens are distilling spirits, what gives the government
      the right or power to ban that activity? You can say the same for
      bikers and tax rebels. Breaking the law is one thing, but Americans
      are natural rule breakers. I could add private citizen militias to
      the mix. When has a citizen militia member ever been prosecuted
      by the authorities for an act of violence?


  7. NASCAR has been on a downhill slide for years. Tracks are closing grandstands, and still can’t sell all the seats that are left, legacy tracks (Darlington, Atlanta, etc) have lost races so that other tracks far from their fan base could get a race, any excitement is manufactured these days. And now this. I saw that horseshit from the Atlanta race the other night. made me wanna puke.

    Buddy of mine has been going to Atlanta and Talladega EVERY year since the mid 70’s (he is pretty sure Talladega since 77, definitely Atlanta since 75) and has told us that he will NOT support NASCAR in any way now. Best part? He is 1/2 black.

    That rumbling you felt in the ground last night? That was Bill France spinning in his grave.

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    • I can remember watching parts of the Daytona 500 back in 1965 when I was 5 years old. I grew up around real, local racing and was a die hard fan for many, many years of all things with noisy engines and tires that went fast.
      Like you, I started seeing changes well over 20 years ago that made me start looking around for the bad smell I kept getting a whiff of.
      The stink just kept getting worse and worse until the dead bloated rat was impossible to miss.
      It is now a generic Muh Diversity parade complete with time outs for nose powdering that seemingly by accident has a miniscule flash of actual racing once in a while in between commercials and the constant virtue signaling in a desperate attempt to keep what little fan base they still have left as paying customers.
      Fuck Them very much.


      • I hate using this phrase, but get woke, go broke! The NFL is in
        a death spiral over the Colon Kaeperdick issue. Nobody was
        watching Women’s soccer or the WNBA even before the woke
        generation arose. You can’t watch Women’s golf or tennis
        without seeing fugly bull-dikes. ESPN ratings are dropping
        to CNN levels. This is why I still have hope that America
        will weather this storm. The American people are tuning
        this bullshit out by the millions. The hit that Target took
        with their insane genderless bathroom policies resulted
        in a 16 billion dollar loss in revenue.

        Target never understood that their policies were like ringing
        a dinner bell for pedophiles, and even suburban liberal soccer
        moms did not want their 8-year-old sharing a shit-house with
        adult males. All it took was a declaration that a male was
        a transexual, and it was open season on children.

        If these businesses and institutions fail, it will be due to their
        own actions. I see bankruptcy in the future of all of them!


  8. Does his pit crew get their tyres off the OTHER cars? No, wait, that’s Team LaRaza; they also have extra small steering wheels so they can drive with their handcuffs on. Significant weight penalty due to the parole officer in the co-pilot seat, a quarter ton of assorted recreational substances stuffed under the seats, and Jose in the boot that didn’t pay his tab. Never mind, the suspension can certainly take it.

    Team BLM didn’t (did’n) bring a car, so they jacked one, half torched it, and tagged it with their logo and colours. Folks in the stands are advised to bring bulletproof shields on account of their uncontrollable urge to empty handguns sideways out the window. Fat chance of winning, that would take dedication, discipline, endurance and organisation, but everyone else just parks short of the line anyway to avoid having the stadium burnt down, the greasy racist bastids. We won’t mention what’s going on in the carpark and surrounding streets. Can’t breathe because of this “§$%&/(O)! mask.


  9. okay all jokes aside, what the hell are these corporations thinking? so they piss off 70 or more percent of their base to draw in 13 percent tops of a minority, even less for lgbtqxyz? and most of them don’t have any disposable income to spend on their chinese made crap. did soros promise to make up their losses? wtf? its gonna be REAL fun summer.


  10. Here is an idea, get a bunch of what good ol’ boys are left, have all of them paint the Rebel flag on the roof (General Lee!) and the first guy to put him over the wall gets an automatic win.
    This entire apologetics for everything is insane.


  11. Like many others who have commented, I gave up on NASCAR years ago.The banning of Confederate flags yesterday is just another nail in their coffin. I’ve noticed a huge push by the media since COVID to promote NASCAR. Now, it is the Bubba Wallace BLM car. WTF? The France’s boy Jim has taken a multi-million dollar business and literally destroyed it via political correctness. The days of super speedways jam packed with a quarter of a million plus loyal fans is gone and is not coming back. It is because of liberals we cannot have nice things


  12. I watched the parts of the first televised race this year. I haven’t watched NASCAR since I don’t know how long. I thin k Richard Petty was still racing in the last race I watched. That’s how long it been. When I saw the cards pitting after the first stage, I’m saying to my self, Stage 1? WTF is this? Why are they stopping in the middle of the race? This ain’t racing. I don’t know WTF it is, but it ain’t racing.


  13. Even my wife is giving up on them , and y’all know her background. I quit watching them when they went all restrictor plate non production cars…
    Now they don’t want the flag displayed ? Next they’ll mandate fuckin hybrid E cars.


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