It looks Like Irish Was Feeling A Little Left Out!

Poor bastard.

Apparently Leigh’s and my luck has rubbed off on him, he now has his very own mechanical nightmare to thrash on and it’s a doozy.

Let me put it this way, whenever there is a backhoe involved in retrieving your broke down shit, it ain’t gonna be a good time.

So now that he has decided to dive in with both feet, he is already blaming me for not being able to put up a Femme Fatale Friday Post this week and it’s only Wednesday.

Sorry fellas, some things are just out of my control.

Here, maybe this will tide you over until he gets done.


9 thoughts on “It looks Like Irish Was Feeling A Little Left Out!

    • Irish may yet surprise us all and pull something out yet. If not then I just might catch some flak.
      I am seriously rooting for him but am real interested in watching the process.
      I have faith he will get it fixed, he’s been to Grandma’s house before.


      • Ehh, won’t surprise me at all. He has enough material for a FFF post to choke a NSA Supercomputer.
        As for the mower, my New Hampshire brother is a very capable dude. Don’t let him shit you.

        Whitehall, NY


  1. I’m dead serious when I say that it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he was cutting down the axles on a Ford nine inch to stuff under that thing just to show me he can. 😂


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