“For Educational Purposes Only”

Before you get started here, let me say in no uncertain terms that what follows can ruin your day if you try it and don’t do it right or if you actually manage to do it right and start playing Fucky Fuck and forget to take it deathly serious.


I’m talking SERIOUSLY ruin your day.

Burnt marshmallow

I will not be held responsible for anything that happens or for anyone who chooses to proceed from here, period.

This is for educational purposes only.

Once you cross this line you are on your own.


Ok, our mutual friend and fellow Patriot, easily one of the craziest people that I can think of off hand who isn’t in some kind of institution anyways, Big Country, also known as The Intrepid Reporter, has been quite busy as of late.

Busy putting together something quite interesting.

This should give you a clue.


And he has illustrated the process if you are so inclined.

All I am doing is providing some links because he sent me a missive wondering why hardly anyone had stopped by to see what he has been up to.

As I said most emphatically, you are on your own from here.

Tell him I said hello, from way over here.

Part One.


Part Two.


Part Three.


2 thoughts on ““For Educational Purposes Only”

  1. Download and save. There are some things that can be built using other parts that are cheaper or better.

    If you look hard enough on the web there is a couple of copies on how to build a Stein machine gun with a drill press, file, and a bench vice. If you have a metal lathe and a mill the quality can be upped drastically. The hardest part is getting the magazine to mate properly. So I have been told…


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