The One That Tastes Like Vanilla

What the fuck else are you supposed to say to such a stupid fucking question like this?


8 thoughts on “The One That Tastes Like Vanilla

      • Or, has bee posted on FB: “Never challenge your wife’s memory.”
        To which I replied, “This is true; sometimes she remembers shit that never happened.”


      • The correct answer is “It’s not the pants…”

        Always tell the truth.

        Must be why I’ve only been married once. And that was LONG ago.


  1. For all you young folks out there, she is NOT looking for an opinion here, she is looking for validation. She already knows which one she likes, she just wants you to support her decision. So the right response here is “they’re all nice, but which one do you like best?” Double winner, you’ve complemented her taste in all of them, and she’ll either point to one of them (in which case agree with her) or she’ll narrow the choice down to two (50/50 is better than where u started). If she insists you pick one of the 5 without giving you any hints, you’re screwed. She’s playing with you, there is no right choice, prepare for abuse. If that happens, you really need to evaluate if she’s really worth a lifetime of this shit.


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