So The Leftists Want To Play Chicken By Defunding The Police?

Let’s defund the Fire Departments too and see how that shit works for them.



These people went way past stupid to downright dangerous long ago.

I would like to see some recalls and criminal charges for dereliction of duty resulting in personal injury and death.

That might put the brakes on some of this nonsense.


10 thoughts on “So The Leftists Want To Play Chicken By Defunding The Police?

  1. From what I’ve read, the plan is to send social workers and “community relations experts” out on former police type calls for assistance so they can touchy feeely the criminals into not committing crimes.

    Yah, that’ll work, for sure.


  2. No need to de-fund the fire departments … when called for emergencies in more “ethnically diverse” regions of the several cities, they’ll simply refuse to respond without proper (armed) protection of the PO-leese. As such, shit will burn to the ground. Think a paramedic crew will respond to “shots fired / man down” on the south and/or west sides of Chicongo? East LA? Other fine urban enclaves? Think again.

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    • Yep, this is why it took 3 days for FEMA to show up in New Orleans after Katrina. That stupid bitch governorette Blanco would not let the Natl Guard come in for three days…


  3. Well, In a case (don’t know exactly when), a situation occurred where a couple were tortured and murdered in their house while police stood outside knowing the couple was in grave danger in the house. The Supreme Court ultimately ruled that the police have no obligation to protect anyone.


  4. Defunding the local police, even if a few do go overboard (most I’ve found can be reasonable) and spending more on social workers and “community relations experts” to answer emergency calls will work phyne, long as the punishment is limited to banning to your safe space with your coloring books & teddy bears where no one will say words that hurt your feelings, the poor cupcakes…. Yeah, I can see how that’ll work, till someone whacks your mother/wife/kids with a Louisville hickory stick……


  5. If someone hunts down multiple Antifa people and kills them in their kitchen before setting the house on fire, is that a serial killer or someone performing a civic service?
    Asking for a friend.


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