13 thoughts on “Multiply This By 50 And Then Tell Me Again Just How Bad Ass ANTIFA Is

      • Any time sir. Thanks for all you put up for all of us to learn a lesson from.
        All the beta males and purple haired woomenz are put out from to gaslight the general public into thinking they are no big threat. Mean while the black shirts are getting combatives training like in the Project Veritas undercover video recently released.


  1. The vast majority of these soy boy pansies lack any formal training in
    military tactics. They may be somewhat organized and well-motivated
    but when actual bullets start to fly they will fold like the pussies they are!
    At best they can field a few dozen units with real firearms training and
    even fewer people with tactical training. These pussies are liberal arts
    majors who discovered that their guidance counselors sold them a
    bill of goods. The market for BA majors was flooded decades ago
    so these morons hold a grudge. It’s that or take a job slinging lattes
    at Starbucks or saying: Do you want fries with that?

    Our side has millions of actual military veterans including tons with combat
    experience. Add the biker community, 70 million firearm owners, retired and
    former LEOs, etc. and the war is over within the course of a weekend. Gun
    sales are at an all-time high and after this leftist temper tantrum, you can
    add a lot of business owners and (I’ll use a liber term here) “woke” suburban

    The irony of this situation is that a good chunk of these gun buyers are first-
    time firearm purchasers. Millions of Democrat voting suburban families
    may care about gun control and the environment but in this time of
    crisis, many of them are buying things that go bang. For decades the
    liberal soccer moms have been driving big-ass SUVs because they
    know that mass=safety. They care as much about their kids as the
    rest of America. Double irony, many of these first-time buyers are
    bitching about the hoops they have to jump through to buy a weapon.

    The radical left is about 7 percent of society at large. Only a small
    percentage of them will actually hit the streets. If these people were
    a real threat, why would they cancel their plan to riot in a city when
    the Hells Angels threatened to meet them? They do not have the
    numbers to realize their wet dream of a violent revolution!

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        • I started consolidating my tens of thousands of politically based
          images and memes sorted by topic in dozens of folders for that
          reason. I wanted to go cheap with WordPress until I discovered
          they have their PC police just like social media, so I shelved the
          idea at least until I can find the right platform.

          PS The fattest folder by far is one named AOC. That brain-dead
          bitch is lower hanging fruit than Slow Joe Biden!


          • Don’t let WP worry you. Go ahead, set it up, load your stuff and take it for a ride. If you find another platform you like better, you can transfer your database without much trouble.

            You could also set it up via GoDaddy and use the WordPress software only. That’s what Blogmocracy does, never had a problem with the pc police.


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