Dear Leftists,

You ignorant motherfuckers don’t even know what rioting and violence is .


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Y’all keep fucking that chicken though.


Because when old fuckers like me decide it’s time to step off the porch, we play for keeps.

30 thoughts on “Dear Leftists,

  1. We ain’t chasing ya, we ain’t gonna fight ya, we are just gonna start shooting. Shooting until we run out of bullets or some one shoots us dead, but I can fucking guarantee ya our knees are gonna be covered with spent brass and a body count that will have to be measured as cord wood…

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    • 4 of my rifles have bayonets on them. IF I ever run out of ammo, the real fun begins.
      Martial arts training can be adapted quite well for bayonets.


  2. This goes back to my base philosophy regarding Leftists. Beat the living shit out of the first one (despite the fact that almost all of them fold the instant you grab hold of them, just keep going – it will be fun), do the same to the next nearest one to reinforce your stance of how you regard Antifa and Communists, and the rest will decide just how fast they will run away. If the second one is a female – same beating as the first (they scream so hard to be treated equal, well alrighty then). When you see the biggest defense they have is their camera phone, smile and ask politely “Any more questions? I urge you to go home and review today’s lesson.”

    Don’t forget, unlike the Commie Leftists, you may need to take time off work to have the opportunity to personally apply these edifications, as those little shits don’t work at all and like to stay close to a Starbucks where they can snivel all day about the poor quality of the free WiFi at their parents’ place.


    • And the best part about the cellphone bullshit is you have to wear a mask to be at a protest. A win-win if you also have RayBans.


  3. In ’69, I lived in Jacksonville, Fla during the race riots there. It was some pretty wild shit. At one point, there were three of us on the rooftop, myself and two brothers-in-law, Korean style, chipping bark off the telephone poles to keep the rioters at bay, while mother-in-law, a first gen Irish woman, stood on the front porch with a model 870. I suppose now we would be required to come out to the street and take a knee. Which is not what would happen.

    I used a British .303 Enfield. When it barked, the entire crowd would duck. George had a Model 1917 30-06, and Danny a .22 target rifle. What fun. City was sorta pissed at the chunks we knocked out of their poles, but – meh.


    • A lifetime of crawling through boilers and piping has done some real damage to my knees. I doubt I could take a knee even if I was inclined too, of course running away isn’t much of an option either. So I guess my only option is to find a good spot and see how many of the zombies I take out before they overrun my house.

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      • I am with ya Exile as well as unclezip. I will not and can not take a knee and I ain’t running cause of a pelvic girdle fracture in my youth, 62 and arthritis has set into my hips too bad. I can stand and shoot.


  4. It’s coming. “Sometimes ya just gotta whip his ass” is a true statement. It’s not much of a legal defense but sometimes that loudmouth fool won’t settle for any other outcome.


  5. The comment I recall is ” when blacks riot, cities burn; when whites riot, continents burn”
    I hope we do not find out….


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