16 thoughts on “Like Clockwork

  1. Following the Liberal/Left/Democrat Blueprint: give away money, food, clothing, shelter, etc., promise to give away even more. No reason to work for or earn anything. No reason to have rules for anything. Then when there is nothing left to give away, blame someone else for every single problem you have no intention to fix.
    Just like a spoiled fucking three year old.


  2. Every one should send a check for two cents. On that check should be this eloquent quote from our blog master: “Eat Shit And Die Motherfucker.”


  3. I think the mayor should be made to eat shit…on video….right after they tar and feather the bastard. Place the video on Youtube, use the revenue to help the shop owners, and shoot any straggling demonstrators on sight.


  4. Did the piece of shit cry over any white person who was killed by a black cop? Because the illegal immigrant that shot Kate Steinle didn’t even get convicted of a damn thing. The Somali, black, police officer, who shot the white woman who called the police for a prowler, did that ass cry over her?
    I am sorry to use such language, but I have had enough of these liberal assholes who really care about police brutality, if it is caught on camera, and if it is a black person who is killed. The left doesn’t realize that when they make a reasonable, normal, Christian man like me, resort to cussing them out, they have lost and all that remains is for them to try and loot in my area. If they do, I will politely ask them to stop. Loudly,at perhaps 140 decibels. And fast, at maybe 1200 fps. Because the government has made it plain that we are on our own, and have to protect ourselves and our own loved ones. They are too busy trying to pass as one of the people who are rioting.


  5. Yup, you’re all a bunch of damn heathens for talking like that.
    Problem is you all took the words right out of my mouth.
    Feels good being in the company of a bunch of deplorables!!

    BFYTY is the rally cry


    • Grilled pork chops, built some fence, and set on the porch with a glass of bourbon on ice, after it cooled off, came in for the 10 o’clock news, got the weather and saw the chimp out. Turned it to last years drag race. Sadly if they don’t nip it in the ass real quick it may spill over, then the shit will really hit the fan.


  6. I have Scotish & English lineage in my ancestry lineage. But my ancestors date back to at least pre civil war because 10 were union and 2 were confederate.But im a veteran of tail end of viet nam war .And an American 4th generation commiefornian.It didn’t use to be.So how many of these folks were born in Africa ? AFRICAN AMERICAN I think not.Some of these asshole’s should be drop kicked back to there ancestral home and see how many big screens they can steal over there.


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