A New Generation Of Crazies Comes Of Age

This one is for you Grog for the V-12 tractor video you dropped in the comments the other day.

This one only has 8 cylinders.

There is no other word for it though.

This thing is wicked.

Watch him take this for a spin down the country road with no freaking helmet, seat belt, roll bar or anything even remotely safety related, then watch him at the end take a running start in a field and pick the front wheels off the ground.


9 thoughts on “A New Generation Of Crazies Comes Of Age

  1. Well, he has a 9″ Ford rear end and what sounds like a two speed automatic and what we know is a crazy son of a chimp… Ya think it was set up as a competition pull tractor?


  2. ‘Murica! Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.
    And a few crazies thrown in there. Nuttin’ says FREEDOM like a V-8 powered lawn tractor!


  3. we use to set up our tractors so that the front wheels pulled off the ground when we raised the plow. at the end of the row you pulled up the plow stomped the left, or right brake pedal, ( you use to be able to separate them by flipping over the bar lock) when it rotated exactly 180 you dropped the plow running plow speed the other direction. It takes practice but isn’t that difficult.

    Nobody ever thought to try to hotrod their tractor


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