What’s The Difference Between A Social Outdoor Gathering And A Protest?

About 88 people according to this,


Just in case there is anyone out there who still hasn’t figured out this whole ploy has been about power.

Do The Math.

16 thoughts on “What’s The Difference Between A Social Outdoor Gathering And A Protest?

  1. So this whole Kung Flu quarantine shutting down the economy thing has been a lie from the getgo. Anyone see that letter that was signed by a whole bunch of public health doctor’s and ” equality stakeholders” saying that protesting posed no thereat to health from Kung Flu. Someone, please tell me what an “equality stakeholder” is and what they could possibly have to do with public health.

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    • Nemo, “equality stakeholders” are few and far between here in Montana (I knew that before I moved here ;-), but public health-wise I’m thinking drug addiction, gunshot wounds, maybe venereal disease, the odd rape or three, abortions (especially after that rape thing), and the artistic ones often have that AIDS thing going for them (Anally Infused Death Serum).

      Phil, you’re a treasure. Don’t ever change.

      Grog, I’m thinking you can’t be an “equality stakeholder” if you are a paragon of white privilege, so I’m guessing it may only apply to those who _aren’t_ a whiter shade of pale.


  2. I live in Michigan. I guess I could stop right there, but what the hell. A family friend from our small town passed away Friday. He was one of the ” town elders” for want of a better term. I mean, he was on the school board, as was my dad. He was a volunteer fireman, for 50 years, with my dad. He was a coach of young kids in both baseball and football. My dad and this man, along with a number of friends, started a golf course together, and served on the board. In other words, in our small town, village, really, there were a number of men and women who did all of the civic minded things, that many could not be bothered with.
    Finding out that he had passed away brought a tear to my old eyes. I played baseball and football with two of his sons, and attended a class with his daughter. So I looked up the funeral details. And damned if the Empress Gretchen Whitless doesn’t still have limits on the number of people who can attend the funerals. Less than 10, I believe, with greater numbers outside.
    Of course, I don’t live in that town of less than 900 people anymore, I moved 40 miles to be closer to work. And of course, here in my city of around 25,000 people, they are having their protests, with some rioting and looting going on. This is a small city, not a huge metropolis, like New York or Minneapolis.
    I hate to have to say it, but the place where the looting and ” protesting” is being done, is the place that is called our city’s Heights. Many years ago, it was the high rent district of the area. But now, there is a different color to things there, if you understand my meaning.
    I have been concerned for several years with the things that have been going on in our country. but now, I am afraid that I am merely getting angry, and by that, I mean pissed right off.
    There is a bunch of animals who it seems are always lying in wait, for the next news story that will allow them to riot and loot the places that they normally must frequent for their day to day business dealings, like fast food joints, or grocery stores, etc. They had a McDonalds, but the gang element just made it not worth remaining open, and they closed that up shortly after they started, maybe 2 years. Several other independent businessmen from that town tried to make a go of one type or another of a fast food joint, or a Memphis style Barbecue place. None of them could make it either. If a McDonalds cannot make money,there are probably no restaurants that can make money there either.
    I am fed up with the way that our governors have no problem shutting down funerals, because those only effect the little people.You can bet that if one of the Damocrats died, say Nancy Pelosi, they would not have had a funeral with a 10 person limit. The government makes rules that they themselves do not have to follow. They serve in the House or Senate for one term, and they get a pension and health insurance for life. Meanwhile, they have made it so that who knows how many small businesses won’t be able to reopen, when the word from on high comes down, because the money for that will be gone, spent on paying the bills that continue,no matter if you are open or not.
    I get crap from my friends on Facebook, saying that the small business people who must close, are eligible for unemployment insurance. The business owners that I know, who have shut down, in response to the governor’s orders, told me that they had heard the same thing, but they didn’t get any money, and can’t find out where there is any.
    Today was the very first day that I went to a store, and was literally forced to wear a facemask. Normally I have just told them to stick it, and left. But my wife had a coupon for something that she needed to get from only Menards. So I had to go to my car and get a mask for us both, to put on. I wear one if I go to a hospital or another place like that, where I understand that they set the rules, and I can either follow them, or not get the proceedure or test done.
    I told my wife, never again, will I go to Menards, even after they open up things again. I have a Lowe’s store much closer, and they honor our military. I choose to give them my money, rather than a store that follows tyrannical enactments.


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