What’s That Tough Guys? Is That A “Never Mind”?

I love this shit.

Those punks don’t want anything to do with the Pro’s.



Updated and EVEN BETTER!!


Of course, I have no idea who these two broads are or if this is even true but having been around a whole bunch of Bikers in my yute’, I can say that it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it was true.

I can also tell you that from my experience, almost every single Biker I ever met, gang or no gang affiliation, had a moral code that would surprise the shit out of most people.

They are just like the rest of us because they are us.

They just want to be left alone.

As American as apple pie.

Don’t start no shit and there won’t be no shit but if you fuck around and mess with something they hold dear, all bets are off and hold on to your ass.

They can have a singular purpose and are absolutely fucking relentless when they feel the need.

I would pay money to see these ANTIFA goons try them.

Hell, Pay Per View it and it would be worth millions I bet.

Gotta have Instant Replay though.

12 thoughts on “What’s That Tough Guys? Is That A “Never Mind”?

  1. You havent lived until you’ve attended a biker bash. Titties, squirrel and raccon dicks on every patch and plenty of ” dont give a fuck” everywhere. Ohhhh….and beer!

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    • Been to one of those once. Holy shit what a blast. 3 days, out in the boonies, live bands with the equipment running off generators.
      Beer, titties everywhere. I went with an ex who had huuuuuuge titties and wound up with her on her back shirtless and me sucking on them honies about ten feet in front of the stage in a huge crowd of people. Zero fucks were given.
      Good times.


  2. I Coeur d’Alene Idaho a bunch of Anti thugs tried to do their thing but they
    were met with a ton of citizens toting ARs, Aks, and handguns. They
    had an Emily Latella (never mind) moment, turned around, and left town.

    As for the bikers joining in, I predicted this years ago. If they are ready
    to join the patriots before the barricades have even been built, you can
    damn well, bet that when the SHTF they will be on our side. We are not
    yet to the point that open warfare is necessary, but when the time comes
    it will be a lot more than just bikers standing beside us.

    There are signs that the left is cracking. A police special response team
    of 59 men resigned in Buffalo NY after two officers were fired for assaulting
    an old man. If you are older than 70 and you attend a protest rally, you’re
    probably reliving the Woodstock days. If that same man is taking part in
    the rioting, he would be a Red Diaper Baby and probably did something
    to provoke the police.

    In Los Angeles, the LAPD police officers union just slammed Mayor Garcetti
    after he called police officers murderers.

    The NYPD has been turning their backs on comrade Mayor Deblasio for
    at least 2 years now. If the police develop a case of Blue Flue, their
    mayors will start shitting bricks while cowering in fear. The tide is
    about to turn and these asshole mayors are going to be forced to
    crack down on these thugs. If they don’t, it is time to start cleaning
    and oiling your sporting arms just in case they are needed.


  3. For all their ‘screw life’ attitude, don’t mess with women or kids in their view. What’s left of you won’t be fit to be lynched.

    Bikers for Trump says it all. Bikers from regular motor clubs and from outlaw motor clubs, who unite to protect our President and the people who want to see him.

    And still more moral than many gypsy or ‘traveller’ people.


    • Decades ago, I remember someone telling me that a lot of outlaw
      bikers tried to enlist during the Vietnam War but they were rejected.
      In the middle to late 70s, a biker buddy of mine was involved in
      a run to deliver toys to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign.
      They were told hit the road. Misconceptions can run very deep!

      It was the long-haired hippies were spitting on our troops and
      calling them baby killers, not the long-haired bearded tattooed
      leather riding jacketed bikers.


  4. A friend from Placerville contacted me today, said the story of the bikers vs. antifa was a hoax, although there was a credible threat of violent protest. The police chief issued a statement outlining what amounts to a zero-tolerance policy.

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    • I figured it was but I just couldn’t resist.
      The big tip off was the Mongols and the Hell’s Angels getting together to do anything besides killing each other.
      Last I heard they were mortal enemies.


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