10 thoughts on “Who Mows The Lawn?

  1. Heh! I liked that quote on Mormons and JW visiting.

    Usually it is goats, mowing, fertilizer and food all in one package.


    • Ehh, old sheep, I’ll pass. I don’t care much for mutton. I use to raise and sell Boer goats but I never ate one, don’t care for goat meat either. Give me steak, pork or catfish…


      • Had an uncle who hired a little old German sausage maker (Sherwood long before it became a suburb). Goat blended with venison made a very nice thuringer.


        • Hmm, never thought of that blending goat and venison especially for a Thuringer. I miss those when I was in Germany… I miss all the sausages and schnitzels. and German sauerkraut, potato salads. I just need to go back.


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