Tragedy Strikes Wirecutter’s Family

His wife Miss Lisa’s son died unexpectedly and they are in mourning.

I am going back over there and hit the tip jar to help with expenses.

Please join me if you can, Kenny and Miss Lisa are salt of the earth good people and Kenny has helped out more people than I can count in the past who were in need.

Time to take care of our own.

15 thoughts on “Tragedy Strikes Wirecutter’s Family

  1. I already read of that this morning – God Bless the Lane family. Thanks for the suggestion of hitting the tip jar. Its already up front in office waiting for USPS pick up.


  2. Thanks for letting us know.
    I’m in England and a regular reader of yours and Kenny’s blogs, but i seldom post.
    I’ve sent my few inadequate words of comfort, and yes the Paypal links works.
    Regards all.


  3. Thank you, Phil and readers. This was a tragedy for us but a Godsend for others. As of today, recipients have been matched for his heart, liver and kidneys.
    Thank all of you for your support and prayers, it was needed and much appreciated.

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