The Intrepid Reporter Puts Some Pieces Together, You Might Find Some Similarities To Our Current Situation Interesting.

He says what is happening here now is eerily similar to what happened when we invaded Iraq.

I have to agree.

Go check it out.

11 thoughts on “The Intrepid Reporter Puts Some Pieces Together, You Might Find Some Similarities To Our Current Situation Interesting.

    • The real goal of Marxism is the destruction of the middle and
      upper-middle classes. The Democrat party gets the bulk of
      their campaign funding from Wall Street bankers, corporate
      America, etc. In a totalitarian communist state like the USSR,
      all wealth is in the hands of the ruling oligarchs. The Nazi
      version of socialism skipped the socialism phase and went
      straight to a totalitarian police state. The only difference was
      the crony capitalism in the Nazi model gave some semblance
      of a free economy.

      In addition to looting the Jews and the nations they invaded
      the Nazis were getting bribes and kickbacks from the crony
      capitalists. If this does not describe the Democrat party,
      you must have been sleeping for the last 50 years. The
      new left radicals (many of which are in political office now)
      adopted the Nazi model back in the early 70s. Ubangi’s
      political mentor Bill Ayers was overheard talking about
      the 25 million people who would need to be eliminated if
      they resisted “reeducation” efforts.

      More recently, James Okeefe’s organization Project Veritas
      caught a high ranking member of the Bernie Sanders campaign
      talking about putting Trump voters into gulags. There are a
      number of reasons the left targets the middle and upper-middle
      classes, chief of which is that is where the majority of wealth
      and guns are. The middle represents the people who will
      resist any effort to turn American into Zimbabwe or Venezuela.


    • Again. I had the same problem the other day and came back after several hours and it worked. Right now I am back to having the same issue as you are.
      He is obviously already on their radar.


  1. Going to be having a good long vacation is in the works…
    Not just getting laid-off for a bit, but U.S.S. is shutting down my plant.
    As in forever.
    The Fourth Turning is now a reality.
    For me, anyway.


    • -rightwingterrorist

      P.S. I guess I should now start to consider if my children are going to turn out like some people’s parents and grandparents.


      • Damn buddy, that is really fucked up.
        As to your kids, I don’t see any good things headed our way until after I am dead and gone.
        Teach them well my man, I know you will.


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