Local Protesters May Just Fuck Around And Find Out

That as much as everybody would like to think different, Vancouver is still not Portland.

I just got an Email from a local reader of the blog (!) telling me that his daughter got a hold of him to let him know that there are about 50 moron protesters making a big circle up and down one of the main drags right next to the biggest hospital over here.

A bunch of them showed up over at Vancouver Mall over the weekend trying to cause trouble but you had to look to find out about it. There was another little protest downtown that did get reported on. Bunch of useless local SJW’s.


I looked and did not see anything on the local news about this latest bunch but all I have to say is that they would be smart to stay on the sidewalks around here.

Downtown Vancouver proper and some of the outlying areas may have been taken over by these stupid asshole Commie sympathizers but there are still thousands of working class assholes just like me around and we have no sense of humor where these idiot protesters are concerned.

19 thoughts on “Local Protesters May Just Fuck Around And Find Out

  1. They’re desperately hoping for a “protestor” to be harmed by some white person. Ideally a nonbinary black, or someone like this person (Deer Girl), which would be a trifecta (at least) of victimhood.

    Deer Girl is IRL (for values of “real”)


  2. Nothing much up this way, although the commies down in Denver tore up a bunch of stuff. We had some snowflakes wearing their face masks and holding signs up, but they were peaceable, so I can agree with how they did it.

    If they try and pull their commie antifa stuff outside of town, though……suicide mission. We have back hoes, and thousands of square miles of forest, not to mention a few large hog farms.

    They’d disappear from the face of the Earth, never to be seen again…..

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    • The Left is like a school of Piranhas man.
      The absolute second one of them steps out of line they turn and rip them to shreds before anyone else knew what the fuck happened.
      I have seen it hundreds of times.
      They are a self policing Borg.


  3. What they don’t understand is “Corriea’s Switch.”

    In cities it’s Marquess of Queensberry rules, in the ‘burbs and country thare ain’t no rules, and the “onsie, twosie, oly, oly in free” thing downtown turns into “every fucking one of them right fucking now” out here. As in “front sight, press, shift target, front sight, press, lather, rinse, repeat.” The children don’t have any idea what “shit through a goose” means.

    I know people staying up at night hoping they arrive in their neighborhoods.


  4. There’s an article in the local electronic rag this AM stating that there will be a “peaceful” rally this Sunday at a local park. This place is about 2 miles from where I live and is at one end of Main Street, but well removed from the center of town. If the protest leaves the park, it should be moving away from where I live. So, BLM comes to my little city.

    BLM needs to know that the cops and judges here don’t screw around. You screw up here you go to jail. No passing go and a sure huge fine and jail time.


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