Western Rifle Shooting Association Blog Has Been Taken Down (Updated)

Irish just gave me a heads up



I hate to say it but I am surprised it took this long.

WRSA has been a staple for us Patriots for a decade and a half.

As a matter of fact, I started visiting there way, way back, when I was still drinking and when I was just starting to open my eyes. I can and will, give a lot of credit for my getting Woke to Pete.

Make no mistake, this is bad.

It is another casualty that we can’t afford.

I have no idea what Pete’s plans are, if he even has any. Hopefully he saved all of his files.

For those of you who don’t  understand just how important this development is, let me just say that it’s fucking on now.

Information warfare and information sharing is a critical component of the war we are fighting and the fact that we are really AT WAR was just pointed out with a proverbial slap in the face here.


There was a huge amount of information on that website and it getting taken down was a brazen FUCK YOU to every single one of us.

We are running out of platforms gentlemen.

Google’s Blogger is just as subject to sudden deplatforming as WordPress is.


I got a link to the WRSA spot over on GAB fromAesop’s comment section and also a reminder link to WRSA’s old Blogger site, which is still up.

I went over to the GAB site and left a message for CA that I was updating my Blogrolls back to the original WRSA Blogger site.

I see a few minutes later CA replied that he thought that was a good idea so keep your eyes peeled.

33 thoughts on “Western Rifle Shooting Association Blog Has Been Taken Down (Updated)

  1. Time for World War Z… shits getting real. I wonder how long your blog and other blogs are gonna last? I say we find their buildings and do want the antifipanties are doing.


  2. I’m not going to type my thoughts, Phil, so no one at wordpress gets their panties twisted over my words and shuts you down, but I’m confident everyone here can figure out what I would type.


  3. I came across WRSA accidentally while learning to shoot longer distances out West a bit more than a decade ago. It changed my view of reality and gave me even more incentive to get out to 800yrd reliably and 1000yrds when on my game and no wind… I guess I need to up my game to 1200yrds now….


  4. This side needs Real Hackers!!
    Destroy there servers, and yes it is do-able to do complete and total destruction.
    Just ask the jihadi’s after “The Jester” pays a visit.


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    • I’m thinking the same thing. I’d bet that the moderators @ WP were shittin’ peach pits after reading that. I’m on page 215 currently. Too bad the Mike never got to writing the “manual” before he passed.

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      • I agree Nemo, I was gently pushing him to finish the book and the manual. I didn’t live too far from him when I lived in Alabama. We met for coffee often and I use to go shooting with him a few times and went to gun shoots and rallies. I have been to his house. An interesting man. Absolutely loved his country. He wanted to the best for his children and grandchildren and he saw where this country was heading and he did have a unique, insider information as to where the lefties were going, and what was planned.


  6. We had a blog taken down because the domain expired and the original owner refused to turn over the keys to us to renew – actually he submarined us & went dark.

    We were able to recover the database that spanned over a decade. It included ALL posts and ALL graphics and ALL comments. Got a new domain, transferred the database and we’re up and running.

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  7. Now here is a thought that no one is mentioning but is not entirely out of the realm of possibilities. With all the crap going on regarding invasion of the 1st, the 2nd, conservative vs libturds, all this crap around Antifa, BLM & all the other “I’m special” groups to say nothing of the “protests” riots etc. (hey no one is allowed to work, what the fuck else are they gonna do – they don’t have to get up in the AM to do anything). The latest is the shut down of WRSA. Now include all the hypocrisy of the tech social media asshats trying their best to control everything. It occurs to me this is way too organized to be “spontaneous” and more well funded than anyone can imagine. So who/what is behind it all? Try thinking just for a moment about the people and organizations behind the New World Order. It been going on for a very long time. With a very little thought and even less imagination all these pieces start falling into place like the pieces of a puzzle.
    Many many people over the years have talked about this possibility and many books and words written regarding & exposing the same. Well boys & girls, the time appears to be coming, from which there will be no turning back, either we fight & maintain freedom, or succumb to the slavery of the medieval ages. Scenario – no one wins! Pic up the pieces and do the best we can with whats left. Get your ducks in a row! BLOAT! B Ready!

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