Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Karma, bitch.


Breaking News
Jun. 02, 2020

LAPD, FBI collecting protest and looting footage as evidence for future arrests

The L.A. Police Department, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies are actively collecting video and photos of looters and others promoting violence during protests in the hope of tracking down individuals and bringing charges against them in the future. The tactic has been used before during periods of unrest, but the idea of law enforcement generating stockpiles of video evidence concerns some.

Exhibit A,



Exhibit B,

Peaceful Protester Arrested in Chicago After Filming Himself Handing Out Bombs at MN Riots and Posting on Facebook 


A little chlorine in the gene pool is a good thing sometimes.


6 thoughts on “Knock Knock, Who’s There?

  1. Someone inside the Justice Department recently informed a member of the
    conservative media that Antifa is going to be unmasked biggly, including
    paper trails, electronic communications, and financial records. Now that
    President Trump has declared the group to be a terrorist group, there
    are a number of rules that can be shelved. One of them does away
    with a rule limiting the time the government can compile and retain intel
    on groups like Antifa.

    Thank God these ignorant millennial pricks like to post photos and videos!
    According to a story I read today, the feds are going through social media
    and are going to share their material across all federal, state, and local
    law enforcement and the entire federal intelligence community.

    It’s Open Season:

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      • Normally, I would rather eat a gun than listen to a rap/heavy metal
        fusion song. This was an exception. I am reminded of WWII
        history. The federal government turned a blind eye to the East
        Coast Mafia by allowing them to patrol the ports on the East
        Coast. In a time of war, the Mafia decided that it was bad
        for business.

        I don’t see inner-city gangs joining us in a time of crisis when it
        comes to an internal crisis because they can’t shoot worth a fuck
        and that is why I suspect the biker community to be beside us at
        the barricades. Their motto is liberty uber allis.

        I have no fear for our future. The lowest PFC has more tactical
        experience than these Walter Mitty communist radicals. Add
        serving and former military and police into the mix and stir in
        the 70 million law-abiding gun owners. These fuckers who
        represent 7 percent of society will never know what is about
        to hit them in a SHTF scenario!


  2. PLEASE let their financial backers be made public.. How I would dearly Looove to see certain names on that list.. REally? You WANT me to name some? Well,, Okay,, if thats what ya need to be happy,, I wanna see Soros, and some hollywood names,, and several D.C. names,, None would disappoint,, Im sure,Okay,, HUSH,, I wanna see Clinton,, and Jolie,, at least,,Maybe Cher,,
    Hell,, surprise me! You wont shock me,, betchya,,


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