Bullshit Overload

I have been sitting on my ass for the last three days following along with the little Soap Opera the Powers That Be have served up for our consumption and have pretty much had enough of it.

There isn’t Fuck All I can do about any of it, I DAMN SURE ain’t getting in my rig and driving down into the middle of the anarchy to either witness it first hand or participate in any of the diversions.


I am shutting the lid on my lap top and going out in the garage. I have yard work that needs doing and still more crap to sort through.

At this point even the tiniest thing that will show some results is far preferable to the useless bullshit going on around me that I have no influence over.

For some reason certain passages from Pink Floyd’s tune US AND THEM keep running through my head. Substitute Governors for Generals and it seems to fit pretty well.


7 thoughts on “Bullshit Overload

  1. It must have been an uncomfortable sit as you have noassatall… I don’t blame you, I too am on overload and tired of the same bullshit, different bat channel, same bat time.


    • Even though I feel tempted writing some funny reply to that I’ll give you a pass.
      For now 😉
      There are excellent methods finding release when feeling overloaded, you know 😛


      • Why pass, I own what ever I say and if I didn’t want it out there Notwende I wouldn’t type it, or not expect a return comment. Give it your best shot. I just masturbate to find my relief… I gotta clean the pipes out somehow.


        • Oh man… I was thinking plain sex, you know… that thing with flowers and bees. Now you make me think you’re helping yourself along in that way…
          Er… don‘t you think you might have revealed a little too much?
          What now? I hope you don’t expect me to call you Wanko or something now since that would be far too disrespectful.
          This is like someone is presenting me his bare butt asking me to please hit it 😁


  2. I feel the same way Phil. I think all us older fellas do. BTW, good observation on the Us and Them lyrics. Rock on man! Ohio Guy


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