So How Are You Liking Your Fourth Turning So Far?

It started out pretty slow but it’s got a head of steam now boy and things are picking up speed quickly.

If you don’t know what a Fourth Turning is, it is based on a book written by two guys named Strausse and Howell forty some years ago that says America is regulated by a four cycle system that takes about 80 years to go through. Each cycle is called a Turning and is about one generation. Each turning has it’s specific characteristics called Archetypes and they follow each other like the seasons in a year.


WIKI calls it Generational Theory  and it is scary accurate whatever it is called.

World War II was the last Fourth Turning.

Fourth Turnings are typically violent and result in complete societal change.

Looks to me like it’s running right on schedule, it’s supposed to peak in 2025.

9 thoughts on “So How Are You Liking Your Fourth Turning So Far?

  1. Also, historically, Depressions, like the last one run on a 60 to 80 year cycle and I believe we are coming into one, the safe guards put in place after the last Great Depression are not going to stop or even limit this one. Different circumstances, though greed is the underlying factor in all of them. This time it is the elites and their marxist fascination and insatiable lust for power and money and to finally they think to curb stomp us unwashed, us deplorables. To makes us their servants, their peasants. To do with as they please, to harvest body parts, to toil in their factories and fields for pittances. Fuck them!


    • “the safe guards put in place after the last Great Depression are not going to stop or even limit this one”
      Because there are no safeguards. Bill Clinton did away with the banking law generated by the Great Depression in 1998, by not allowing it to be renewed. This led DIRECTLY to the .dot com bust, the liars mortgage collapse in 2007 and the Great Recession 2007-2009. Obozo and his CONgress supposedly put banking controls back in place in 2010. That law is a joke. it’s one of the reasons that savings accounts are yielding 0.1% interest and banks are allowed to invest depositors money in the stock market. Wait until you see how many banks go bankrupt this summer because very few people are paying their mortgages due to the lockdown that is supposed to “SAVE us from the VIRUS”.

      One of the tenets of the Fourth Turning is crashing the economy. It’s happening right before our eyes and WE’RE DOING NOTHING about it. We should be dragging these politicians, bankers and medical advisers out into the streets and HANGING THE BASTARDS, especially the ones that issued edicts putting Covid patients into old folks homes.

      One other question you need to ask yourself, why did the death of George Floyd and the resulting chaos occur at this particular time during a national election cycle?

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      • Oh, Nemo, I have been asking myself and pondering it. Floyd’s death in of itself is insignificant. They don’t care, it is just a convenient rallying cry, it could have been Mortimer Dickwad as long as he was black and one of the so called down trodden. The elite and the left are running scared, they see Trump’s popularity and poll numbers are as high as they have ever been and they know groupper Biden ain’t gonna cut the mustard and anybody now won’t either. So, create havoc, create discord and hope the sheeple vote democraps.


  2. How many of those rioters look like they have to get up early to go to work the next day? Rioters are able to riot because middle class White people are supplying their logistics with welfare payments for breeding and non-education. Middle class Whites keep voting for welfare because they’re communists, and believe government acts differently than it always does.


  3. I bought the book about two years ago and I can tell you the First Five Words in the book are:
    America Feels Like its Unraveling.


  4. Peter Turchin, the economic historian at UConn, also predicts a violent 2020’s. His theory, which is economic rather than generational, is that from time to time there is over production of elites. The excess elites compete for position, often violently, and more important they destabilize the whole society by confiscating the income of the working and middle class.

    Sounds like the last 40 years of US history.


    • > over production of elites

      Not “elites”, which includes all the high-functioning useful people like astronauts, but rather a population boom of humans who are parasites of other humans.


  5. Good to see that there’s some Fourth Turning junkies here.
    I would postulate we’re awful close to the apex, with the apex being just after this year’s election.
    Embrace the Fourth Turning!


    • RWT, I haven’t read the book yet and it is on my reading list if I can find a copy. I have read enough other material and have been a student of history. I have read excerpts from the Fourth Turning and agree with what I have read.Historically we have gone through these troubling times of about 60 to 100 years cycle. It is no fun and it will make people hard and hard hearted and heads will role and stretch.


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