Man Your Battle Stations!


Prepare to repel boarders.




Some lucky citizens may hit the lottery and get a chance to eliminate some overly exuberant vermin tonight.



31 thoughts on “Man Your Battle Stations!

  1. Hey Antifa, come over to my place. I’m planting more trees, and I need some good fertilizer to plant them on.
    If I have to, I’ll plant a forest that would make the Russians cry.


  2. Antifa and BLM, if you come here, the morning sun will rise on your body impailed through your ass on my front lawn.
    Wanna stay safe? Stay away. I’ll do shit to you that would make Satan puke.

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    • Fuck no. I just saw that Portlandistan ANTIFA is planning on meeting up at Laurelhurst Park over in SE Portlandistan this evening to kick off their urban flavored festivities. Just got hold of both of my daughters, one who isn’t to far from that and offered to bring Pew Pews.
      One said they are covered, the closer one says going to stay inside. The little faggots have been threatening to start fires in the neighborhoods.

      It’s past time to do some exterminatin’.
      One casualty out of this and Portland Mayor is directly responsible for it.


  3. I had a thought, remember that 6X6 Class 8 flat bed I sent to you a while back? I say weld some thick plate steel on the sides and top and make a kill-truck (Kill-Dozer) with all of our friends loaded for bear and drive down through the mob and driving over the mob?

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  4. It came to Athens, Ga last night. On the radio I heard that they used tear gas to break it up and enforce curfew. It was started by a city/county commissioner in the name of “A world without cops”. Lots of white people in the picture in the online edition of the paper. Not much verbiage. I imagine the demonstration was welcomed by the Blacks and Democrats which make up much of Athens. Good thing UGA is closed or there would be a whole lot more students to help out. Athens isn’t yet a suburb of Atlanta, but it’s coming.


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