12 thoughts on “Is It A Sign?

  1. One of my friends was working for the Orange County DA the first time the “RTK’s” formed up. He said they were stacking up looters like cordwood, the meat trucks were cleaning them up, and NO charges were ever filed!


    • I hate to inform you, hvlee, but ANY weapon is considered an Assault Weapon – just ask any (living) Libtard you happen to see!!

      Nice of Barr to say (indirectly…) “weapons free” when it comes to ANTIFA. Make it happen, boys! Let’s just test their bravery, shall we? Thin the ravening herd, as it were!


    • I bet they haven’t bothered to wonder if they have medical coverage.
      Probably don’t care.
      Emergency room can’t turn them away.
      One more way to fuck us.


      • Not if you hit a vital organ. That Congresschick who was shot
        in Arizona would up with a 9mm through and through to the
        head and survived because she was a Democrat so no
        vital organ was involved. Hearts, lungs, and livers boys!


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