That’s The Ticket

A one way ticket straight to the morgue.

It boggles my mind that there are grown adults this fucking stupid.


9 thoughts on “That’s The Ticket

  1. They stopped where they did so they don’t have a lick of common sense, that guy looks full grown too, so luck really exists!


  2. I used to work in and live near Detroit, silliness was commonplace. One afternoon I saw a woman miss her exit from the expressway. She stopped, put it in reverse , and backed up to her exit. People got out of her way.


  3. Back in the early ’70’s, I-78 only went east to I-287. There you had to go north or south. One night, there was a 4-wheeler stopped in the middle of 78 with a woman looking at a road map. It was a wonder she wasn’t creamed. The guy in the pic above must be her kid.


  4. “Fools are protected by more capable fools.”
    Until a less capable (downright stupid) fool comes along uninvited to your party… then, all bets are off.


  5. Just last week I had a female driver think she was two blocks east of where was (my best guess anyway) because there is a northbound one way street that direction. Anyway she was sitting at a traffic here left turn signal POINTED NORTH on SOUTHBOUND SIDE OF a TWO WAY STREET. I bet I FREAKED HER OUT though as I was westbound on the avenue and I turned left right behind her and hit the horn as I turned behind her.


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