4 thoughts on “Must Be A Regional Delicacy

  1. I’ll take a pass on these products in my prepper shopping, but I might
    reconsider if the only other choice was Spam. I ate some much of that
    shit as a kid, I would rather starve to death! Thanks for the advice on
    instant potato mixes Phil. The stuff they make today is a damn sight better
    than the powdered stuff of my yoot. I may consider powered milk for
    cooking use but I will draw the line with powdered eggs unless they
    have gotten a lot better since the sixties.


    • Powdered eggs and milk, huh? I recall being on the island Rhodos in Greece in 1974. Even though the overall situation wasn’t made for a joyful vacation (the Turks just invaded Cyprus) and signs of a possible war were all around I being a kid didn’t bother too much.
      And daddy was the hero every evening by preparing pancakes on the camping stove. Made of powdered eggs and milk. Just added water and sugar.
      A true delicacy these days!


    • Spam was a staple in my house, along with “stirabout” (oatmeal) because they were cheap. Powdered eggs HAVE come a long ways (from the 60’s!), and it’s all in the added spices. I find a little Cajun seasoning makes it just about perfect (for values of powdered egg…). Powdered milk is just fine, too, just add 3 drops of pure vanilla extract per half gallon and away ya go!

      We didn’t have much money, but we sure didn’t starve either!


  2. When I was in England I bought a case of “Spotted Dick”. Anytime one of the home office engineers would foul something up a can would get marked with the date and project number. I ran out after about 5 months.


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