3 thoughts on “I Keep Tellin’ Ya, Cats Are Assholes.

  1. Dogs are much more intelligent than cats. I grew up with cats and dogs as
    a kid. After leaving the nest many decades ago, I never owned a pet. until
    my late 50s, I rescued a semi-feral kitten at a paper mill. You cannot train
    a cat, and they generally do not give a fuck about their masters. I have no
    doubt the little prick loves me on some level, but after the Kamazi attacks,
    and the clawing I get every time the little bastard gets horny, I have learned
    to live with him.

    Cats are supposedly agile and stealthy hunters. Bullshit! He is a bull in a china
    shop and as clumsy as Baby Huey. The little fucker fell behind my fridge, and
    I had to rescue his ass once again. Every time he misses a jump, I end up
    having to pick up the shit he knocked off the counter or shelf.


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