There Will Be Blood

These protests have gone far beyond what happened in Minneapolis the other day and have taken on a life of their own.

There is an unrelenting backlog of anger and frustration built up in this country and now the protests pretty much have nothing to do with the killing of Mr. Floyd and everything to do with releasing that built up anger.

This is in Brooklyn New York.

Anyone else reminded of the mid 1960’s here?


Breaking: Police are clashing with protesters outside of Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Police are using pepper spray and batons against the protesters.


Now I am seeing reports that these protests have reached the nations capitol, Washington D.C. and that The Whitehouse has been locked down for security.

The Washington Post

White House reportedly under lockdown after D.C. protesters briefly clash with Secret Service


Several major US cities are having protests turn violent.
This is Houston.
The clock is ticking at this point, the government is a hammer and anything sticking up is a nail that needs to be pounded violently.
It’s not even June yet.
It’s going to be a long hot Summer.

26 thoughts on “There Will Be Blood

  1. Yep. Gonna be a long, HOT Summer.

    I was in high-school during the 60’s, and saw all that. I was living in Lost Angeleez when the Rodney King stuff happened, and curfew was declared.

    Just waiting for Chicago, L.A., Frisco, Detroit, et al to go up in flames fanned by the MSM…..


  2. What you gotta ask is who is pushing this sort of thing, and WHY?

    I think it is ’cause it is an election year and they gotta do whatever they can to keep the blacks riled up so they won’t vote for Trump. who had, until the Covid debacle, done more for them than any DNC owned president.


  3. I got a full tank of gas in a V8 pickup and a shit ton of ammo.
    I’m PRAYING this shit starts here.
    If it does, mamas’ are gonna weep.


    • If this is a concerted effort, the Donks are going to step on their
      dicks again. In 1968 and 1972, Richard Nixon won two of the
      biggest landslides in modern history. In 1967 Ronald Reagan
      won the biggest landslide election in California. What was the
      common denominator? Long-haired hippies who fancied
      themselves peace lovers were rioting in the streets, taking
      over college campuses, burning down draft centers, etc.

      In times of civil disorder, people want a strong leader to put
      an end to their temper tantrums! Given what President Trump
      has done for inner-city blacks, I would expect them to vote in
      higher numbers for Trump after this bullshit is over.

      Every race riot in recent American has driven down property
      values, increased insurance rates, and retail flight for the
      majority of law-abiding blacks. These people live in fear of
      these thugs on a daily basis. It is their children who are
      dying in the streets at the hands of black street gangs.


  4. The liberal leftists, democrats in general, antifa, and black lives matter people have just lost any credibility with most of America. Their message of police brutality and discrimination will be lost to scenes of them burning down businesses and low income housing broadcast to horrified middle Americans watching the MSM TV. The MN cops will be tried and probably go to prison but middle America will not forget the rioting and burning perpetrated by these animals.


    • The jury is still out on what the guy actually died of, but the police brute kneeling on him for minutes and minutes was a bridge too far.
      Time to weed the bullies out of the Police Force(s).


  5. The fox nooz is showing a face off in portlandistan, no idea if it’s live or a few hours old, looks like a lot of shit going on all over the country, a whole lot of dinduniffins are out of the basement all around. Of course, the black men standing with the white men protecting the businesses in Minneapolis isn’t worthy of discussion.


  6. Doesn’t seem to be much about the protesters in DC, at the WH.
    I don’t think the NAPAs are gonna get much slack form the Secret Service.


  7. Do you think any of these animals that are burning down our cities have a business there or pay taxes to support the community? Here in Atlanta just over 3/4’s of the thugs arrested are not from the metro area. This act of disobedience was a planned and well funded attack on America. Too many cities experienced violence last night.


  8. It’s going to be a wild ride this summer.
    Embrace the Fourth Turning.
    As CA says, no way out but through.


  9. They tipped their hand. Why would the spontaneous protest of black people against police cause someone to tag the US Treasury building with “F… Trump”? This is doing nothing but preparing for a civil war between factions. Sad thing is no one will really win CW 2. Sooner or later, the people behind all these “spontaneous” actions will have to pay. Dearly. They consider it politics and will try to hide behind the “old outdated” Constitution. Others think they have crossed a line into treason. Some will try to flee in their jets. The poor slubbs left behind. They are the ones to pay dearly. See Nicolae Ceausescu


  10. Yuri Bezmenov explained the process. And the cause.

    Can’t send the fractious gingers home, Liberia and Sierra Leone show what happens. Teargas, LRAD’s, Batons, curfews, short term solutions. Honest education, just laws, swift justice, and faith would fix it long term. Or camps with pits and pyres in a world of war in alll its forms, which is where we’re going


    • But of course!
      Now that the damage has been done already.
      Otherwise they would have had to start shooting these assholes.
      Some may get it anyway.


      • Bwahahahaha, what you said.

        Seattle is under immediate curfew, started one hour ago, Portlandistan curfew starts in two hours. It’s going to be a long night for the rest of the weekend, don’t go out if you can help it, my friend.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I am in Fat City buddy.
          The Wifely Unit went grocery shopping earlier today, I’ve got smokes, my Monster energy drinks, projects out the ass if I am so inclined and my internet connection.
          Portland can burn and I wouldn’t fucking care as long as my kids are safe.


  11. I guess the dam lm are at it in fresno ca from what my grandson tells me. Don’t know how rowdy they are, but he was making a delivery a couple hours ago and the idiots were running back and forth across the street with full traffic and he almost nailed one of em. Nothing on news yet. But the night is young.


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