4 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Who You Are But I Like You

  1. In almost every state, and every state with a Common Law heritage, a visitor may approach the front door and ask to speak to the owner. The owner can either agree or not. If not, the visitor must leave. All of this must occur peacefully. Threats by either party constitute legal offenses.

    The point of posting is really that one gets some legal protections. Sheriffs and police will come to a property at the request of the owner and remove the trespasser, and possibly charge him, depending on what happened. However, there are legal requirements regarding wording that must be followed. The sign on the gate is funny, but it has no legal force. If that owner were to threaten or injure a trespasser, that owner would be arrested and prosecuted.


  2. There used to be a sign on the outside of the fence at Lion Country Safari in FL that read “Trespassers will be Eaten”.


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