Minneapolis Is Burning

It seems some of the citizens in Minneapolis got a mite upset over that cop killing a guy by kneeling on his neck.

Real Upset.

As In Riots, Looting and Multiple Structure Fires.


‘Minneapolis Is Burning’: Rioters Set Fire To Multiple Buildings And Businesses



Police say they have responded to multiple reports of fires and lootings at businesses in the area of the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct as protests over the death of George Floyd turn violent.

Fire crews responded to a fire set at the AutoZone location on East Lake Street, just steps away from the Third Precinct building.

View image on Twitter

Video shared to Twitter appears to show a Minneapolis target store on fire after looters spent the day clearing out the store.

A Wendy’s and another multi-story building have also been set on fire.

Entire blocks of buildings have gone up in flames.



Max Nesterak


I came back out. This is my neighborhood. You can see flames for a mile and feel the heat from a block away


You will notice that I didn’t use any descriptors of the people doing this rioting, looting and burning.

Because you already know.

We all know.

Every single time it’s the same.

Any bets on how long it takes for their hands to get stuck out demanding a federal bailout now that they have burnt their neighborhoods to the ground?

18 thoughts on “Minneapolis Is Burning

  1. Minneapolis cops, and twin cities cops in general, have had almost no accountability from a bunch of citizen deaths over the last 10 years at least. When the cop killed that completely innocent Aussie gal a couple years ago it was whitewashed until Australian government put pressure on to actually do something, and it still took years for the prosecutor to do anything.

    This has been a long time coming, it isnt just a black people problem. White folks just arent lighting stuff on fire downtown yet.


    • When blacks get pissed, they burn down their own neighborhoods. When whites get pissed, they’ll burn this country down from sea to shining sea.


    • “When the cop killed that completely innocent Aussie gal ”

      When [that Somali Muslim] cop [who should not have been in the country, much less been a cop] killed that completely innocent Aussie gal.


    • Whites are so f-ing pathetic. They brag about how many guns they have, how much ammo they’ve hoarded, wear “tribal” tattoos and talk shite on blogs like this about taking back the country.

      They wave the flag and hide behind their bill of rights. But when it comes to actually doing something when abused by authorities, they cower in their basements or walk around with signs. All talk, no action. Rinse, repeat.

      Whites have told the authorities, “Yes, it’s okay to arrest us for going to the beach without a mask”. Blacks have demonstrated to the authorities, “Try it and we’ll burn it all to the ground!”

      I may not agree with their methods, but I respect their unity.


  2. NAPAs every one.
    It doesn’t matter what color.
    I thank God every day that I live in the whitest state in the union, and at least two hundred miles from any sizable population of the before mentioned group in this state.


  3. So the long, hot summer begins… this is planned as the beer virus was/is. I am sure the darker skinned peoples of this once great nation are not finished.


  4. Try this thought on for size…..the police didn’t intervene and allowed this to happen….so the governor can then declare his need for the National Guard to come in and keep the peace AND keep legal minded people in their homes….because they were starting to resist the covid lockdown.


  5. America’s inner-city pastime! It’s funny how after looting and burning down
    shops, they always complain that there are not enough shops in their
    neighborhoods. Then the sate and federal governments have to bribe
    companies to return only to see them looted and burned the next time
    they throw a temper tantrum.


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