Any Ideas? (Updated, We Have A Match!)

To be honest, I don’t even remember how this wrench came into my possession.

Don’t know if it was a yard sale find or if someone sent it to me.

All I know is that it has been kicking around for quite a while, all rusty and nasty, moving from one pile to another.

I finally tossed it into a bucket of EvapORust to let it soak and pulled it out a bit ago. I wiped it down and then ran it through the wire wheel several times, then got curious and tried to find something about it on Teh Google.

Big Goose Egg.

So I thought I’d throw it out there and see if any of you guys might have a clue. Military maybe?


These numbers are the only markings on the thing.

No fastener sizes or anything else. Looks to be 1/2 inch maybe.






Reader KJay knocked this one out of the park.

It literally took less than an hour to get this mystery solved.

Turns out this wrench is an Indian Motorcycle special service wrench from 1927 that could be purchased at an Indian Motorcycle Dealer to use for getting the cylinder head stud nuts off faster and easier.

Indian Motorcycle Service BulletinIndian Cylinder Head Wrench

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, bigger than shit there it is.




29 thoughts on “Any Ideas? (Updated, We Have A Match!)

      • Kinda reminds me of some of the distributor wrenches I had to use on different cars. But I am liking the old John Deere starter bolt wrench theory.


        • I had thought it was a distributor wrench, but for what I didn’t have a freakin’ clue… Mine only has a single, 9/16″ end. Also have a 1/2″ as well.


    • Yeah, I have a few other half moon wrenches.
      I used to have a Mac Tools one that I had to heat up and bend to get to those above mentioned John Deere starter bolts but it got destroyed when I tried to modify it for something even worse.


  1. I just looked through a UH 60 manual, didn’t find anything there, and it’s not for flat or radial aircraft engines for the cylinder barrel nuts, no idea on this one.


  2. I just updated the post with the info and pictures from the PDF. file KJay supplied.
    They actually called it a Double Ended Bow Wrench.
    Indian Motorcycle dealerships could buy them from the factory back in 1927 for a dollar and a half.
    Here I have a little piece of history I have been kicking around for over a year and didn’t know it!


  3. i hate to start an argument, but we were issued this exact wrench when i first changed over from infantry to 63b mechanic. i think it went to an obsolete jeep engine. never used it but it was in the kit so i had to inventory it a million times. along with a whole set of tiny wrenches for points gap adjustment or something. by then they were 30 years out of date.


  4. Sell it! Give it away! MELT IT DOWN!
    If you don’t rid yourself of it you’re going to end up hankering for an Indian that needs that tool.

    That way lies madness! SAVE YOURSELF WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

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      • BULLSHIT!!!
        I’m thinking we need to find some other poor sonofabitch who already has a bike and needs the wrench for his collection.
        I will give it to them.


        • Well I fit that description,but I still have the starter wrench* I modded to tighten the head bolts on my first Shovelhead. So some other poor SOB gets the wrench !

          * I know I have it somewhere in my garage,but damfino for certain where. I’ve still got junk to get rid of that the prior owner left in the garage ….20 years ago !


  5. I bought a very similar wrench for installing the head bolts in my Shovelheads, from the Snap-on tool rep for the very low price of OMFG are you serious!…OK, here’s your money, cuz’ I need it. I still have the wrench. No more shovels.

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    • I still have Snap On specialty FORD tools from 25 years ago laying around that are obsolete just because of that OMFGAREYOUKIDDINGME price I had to pay so I understand completely.


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