Chipping Away At It

It’s slow progress but it is progress. I can actually see some concrete finally.



You have no idea what kind of ass busting went into this but that work bench with the Kennedy box on it at the far right got turned 180 degrees today, complete with all the shit still on it, by yours truly, by myself.

I used the pallet jack but first I had to make a big enough hole to get the thing under it and then be able to swing it half way, then pull it back out and slide one end of the bench the hard way so I could get the pallet jack around to the other side and then finish turning it the rest of the way.

About kicked my scrawny old ass I’m tellin’ ya.

I also slid the thing a little closer to the Roll Away’s.

It might be a bit too close now. The reason for all that horse shit was because the drawers were on the side facing the camera and there was always shit piled up in front of them, just like you see that cart and shit in front of the bench right now. At least with it flipped around I may be able to get to them. I found a whole bunch of crap I knew I had but couldn’t find.

I still have a bunch of crap to go through, there is already some stuff in front of the garage door that is heading to the dump but I want to get rid of EVEN MORE crap and make it worth my while to drive over there and pay to get rid of it. The bastards have a minimum charge of like $14 and I want to get my money’s worth.

The Wife’s Nephew came over to borrow a bunch of stuff to work on his rig with and mentioned he was going camping.


Hell yeah, I unloaded a whole bunch of shit on him too. I tried hard to get rid of even more shit but he kept complaining he didn’t have enough room for anymore…

Why yes, I am somewhat familiar with this issue now that you mention it.

But I’m working on it.



13 thoughts on “Chipping Away At It

    • I reach up and flip the switch with my fingertip.
      It’s right near the end of my reach and I’m juuuuuust shy of six feet tall.
      5’11 and 3/4’s “.
      The CD player in it doesn’t work.


  1. I don’t have it stacked in quite as bad BUT…
    I have two work benches that are full of stuff. Any project that needs a work bench to work on I have to pull out the sawhorses and drop a leftover section of butcher block counter-top that is 32″x54″. I do have enough room on one work bench to get to the vice.


      • Somewhere under all of the stuff in my workshop is a 25 year old hot rod Harley that needs to be put back together. All of the parts are in the workshop with an extra gas tank and a few other parts. Most of them are on one of the workbenches or hanging on a wall. You do have to navigate around the 74 Stingray that had a stripped harmonic balancer bolt hole. I am thinking about dropping a LS3 in that but it is way down the list of projects.


        • I think the Harley needs to be on the top of your priority list, second the Corvette… my opinion of course, that and three dollars will buy you a lousy cup of coffee, remember when a cup of joe was 75cents? me too.


  2. That’s pretty much what my garage looks like. I really need to get rid of some stuff, and I probably would if my wife would quit nagging on me. Leave me to my own devices, and it will get done. Start raggin’ on me, and my want to just shuts down and I go off and do something else. I really want to clean it out and get a pool table. I’ve always wanted my own pool table, and dammit, I’m not getting any younger!


    • Oh yeah, I used to have two motorcycles parked in mine, and room to walk around both of them to clean them and work on them. Then when I got married, my wife’s parents dumped a whole lot of good shit on me that all wound up in the garage. One motorcycle got totaled when a wetback hit us. The other one is buried in stuff. But she’s bitching because I have too much stuff?


  3. Move the Kennedy box to the front of the bench and put the “stuff” behind it that you really need to keep. I have a Jeep in the middle of my mess called a garage. Traded the wifes van in on a new RAM Laramie and I’m giving my ’05 Dodge to my daughter and SIL so now I’ll have room on the driveway for the Jeep and can get started clearing up the garage.



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