My Latest Persuader

Heh, while I was digging through and sorting out a bunch of shit to get rid of out in the garage, I ran across this little jewel I had forgotten about.


I snagged it off Fleabay earlier this year for a whopping $8 plus some for shipping. In case you think that was a bit much I suggest you take a minute and go see what some of these people are asking for a damn Sledge Hammer head anymore these days.

Even cheap Chinesium units at the Big Box stores are running close to $40 anymore.

Anyway, I decided I needed to do something with it since I also found the new handle I had bought for it too.

Pounded out the remnants of the old handle they had sawed off to ship it and then about an hour on the belt sander. After it cooled off enough to be able to hold on to it again then some finishing with an Angle grinder with a Flap Wheel on it and I finally got it cleaned up some. It was a rusty mess.

Then the new handle, cut it down to suit my needs and also because it had a weird bend in it, then oiled it up and it was ready to join the force.




All because late last year as I was digging through my tool boxes looking for a decent sized hammer to smack something with, I came to the realization that out of the at least fifteen hammers I own, I didn’t have anything bigger than a two pounder.

Fuck that, sometimes you need a real Persuader.


32 thoughts on “My Latest Persuader

    • Eight pounder and I still have to take the handle over to my bench grinder and grind a spiral up the bottom of the handle about 8 inches long. I do that on all my hammers. It very greatly helps to keep them from slipping out of greasy hands.


      • Maxwells Silver Hammer! When SSCC closed the L A paper mill,
        a buddy of mine gave me a 15 or 20-pound sledge with a short
        handle. It was a bitch to use, but it came in handy a number of times.


  1. Made in USA, couldn’t get better then that! But, the handle is short, are you that short Phil? It sure gussied up fancy now didn’t it? Much too purty to be smacking things like the cat…


      • UnF, “Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor, the Norse god associated with thunder. Mjölnir is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence, capable of leveling mountains. The Prose Edda relates how the hammer’s characteristically short handle was due to a mistake during its manufacture.” I don’t think Phil made a mistake in his hammer’s handle. I believe we should as his blog minions name his hammer, “Liberal Fuck You Hammer”


        • This stinks of copy and paste my friend.
          If you knew about Norse mythology you’d know that the “mistake” was due to Loki who took the form of a mosquito while the dwarfs created the hammer.Loki stung one of the dwarfs which hurt like hell and distracted them in the most crucial moment – thus the short handle.
          It wasn’t Thor.


          • Well duh UnF! I got it off of the Wiki page… I am half Swedish ancestry from my father’s side, but Norse mythology or most Mythologies do not interest me much. Mythologies are mostly historical embellishments that have some basis in fact and truth. Much like the rewriting and misrepresentation that we are seeing today the the history that is in the making and the rewriting and destruction of history of recent past by some people of the liberal and democraps persuasions. They too will be a mythology at some point.


              • Asatru, that is one I had to google. I have never heard of it. So, a Pagan of the finest kind. I could see a return of pre-christian religious beliefs. As people get dissuaded in current philosophy and practice of main stream churches rejecting their god and his son and teaching humanism and feel good, super rock band theology. Going back to some earlier bedrock belief system . As we all turn feral and have to harden our hearts to the upcoming games it does strengthen the warrior and puts forth family, local community first. We as people build civilization to a peak, it becomes weak. Lo and behold it’s inevitable collapse to a heathen or pagan society. It can be a more brutal time, what, with kings and warlords. It also can be a enlightening time as great works have come forth. Heathen times create hard men and hard women. Something I believe we need now.

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  2. A few years ago I was in Portland, about to turn onto Airport Way from 122nd, when I realized that what I had thought was just some trash was a sledge hammer lying in the middle of the intersection. I slowed, opened my door, snagged it, and laid on the passenger seat.

    When i got it home, I found it was 10-pound Council Tool (Made in USA) with a fiberglass handle.

    Already had a 10-pound, but nothing wrong with having two.

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  3. “don’t force it, get a bigger hammer”
    first time i heard that i was watching my 14 year old brother trying to install a piston with new rings in a lawnmower engine, with a 16 ounce framing hammer. his boss walked out of the office and told him that quote, and handed him a five pound anvil hammer. one lick and the job was done, and we were off to lunch

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  4. Yep, gotta have a big basher for certain things! Biggest I have at the moment is a 4 or 5 lb “Hand Sledge” from Sears. Made in America, though, and that says it’s fairly old.

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    • That is a wicked cool video and I thank you for finding it.
      I had seen it over three years ago and fell in love with it but never could find it again after we moved.
      You have just made my day because now I can save it as a favorite.
      It doesn’t get more Old School than that shit.


  5. I had a double bladed axe made in Maine when I was a kid . I split all my wood with it . Folk would get back two or three acres away when I started sparking away on the Pin Oak . That was before I got out of the city and I suppose some crack head got away with my axe .

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    • I still have my GRANDFATHER’S double-bitted axe, one he used in the forests of Oregon. Holds an edge like you wouldn’t believe!
      I’ve split a lot of wood with it (along with a 16-lb maul and splitting wedges – who needs those fancy power splitters!) and replaced the oak handle once. Like the Energizer Bunny, it’s still goin’!!
      (More’n I can say for *me*!)


  6. A friend of mine once told me that I did not have a big enough hammer to be a proper engineer. You sir, are now a proper engineer.


  7. For those special tight spots that need a BMFH, I have Bertha a sixteen pounder with only an eighteen inch handle. For spots where ya need a big hit , but don’t have any room to swing !


  8. Back in the mid 80’s I found a 4.5 lb short handled hammer at Camp Blanding during a training exercise while in the military. It was eaten up with a thick layer of surface rust and the handle was cracked. I threw it into a camp fire we had going that night and retrieved it the next day at lunch time. The rust was burnt off as well as what was left of the handle. A $4 hickory handle from a small town hardware shop and a couple coats of gun blue on the iron got it back into shape. It is still one of my favorite persuaders.

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    • Was that a government issued 4.5 pound hammer? Good for you! just compensation, as we were never paid a true working wage.


      • What, you mean like the $0.32 an hour the USAF paid me in 72-76?
        I calculated that based on being available 24 hours/day, multiply by 3 and it’s still, again, too little.

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  9. I found a 12 lb hammer with a short handle at an estate sale a while back. It gets used pretty regularly when I’m splitting firewood and get one that needs a little extra persuasion…


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