More Jewelry In A Box

Something else I found while sorting stuff out.

The first one was almost done when I put it away God knows how long ago, and I had to use little bitty hand files to make the hole in the middle.

Like you can’t tell.

No handles on the files either, my hands are sore now.



It works though.

This next one was the reason I made that one in the first place. It was a down and dirty quick solution to hold a needle dick bug fucker of a tap on some project I was working on at the time.


Pretty simple really, just buy a barrel nut and two corresponding bolts, drill a hole in the middle of the nut big enough for the end of the tap, thread two bolts in and pinch the flats on the end of the tap.


I have a small tap wrench but the tap I was using at the time was too small for it even.

I’m talking dinky.

The one in the pictures is just one I dug out of my tool box.

It worked so I kept it around and it wound up in a box full of crap when I scraped a bunch of shit off the top of my work bench to make some room.

I have several little boxes and cans full of stuff that I have scraped off my work bench over time like that. It is a pain in the ass going through them because most of it is just junk but every once in a while a little something catches the light just right and lets off a little sparkle.

7 thoughts on “More Jewelry In A Box

  1. Necessity being the mother of invention, you’re right up there on the African Engineering list, Phil.
    Yes, I said it…


  2. The proper term for kludge tool making is “Advanced Retrofit’. I have boxes full of hand made tools and jigs from when I was in the tool and die trade years ago. I have a hard time tossing a hand made tool, even a now useless one, simply because I know it had a purpose at one time. Also, the day after I toss it, I need it and have to make another one. Every. Single.Time.


  3. Shit!
    Wish I’d seen this 24 hour ago.
    I ended up hammering a BFN onto a Heli-Coil tap to use in a tight spot.
    It worked. but now the nut won’t come off.


    • I ended up hammering a 1/4″ extension bar into a Schrader Valve removal tool so I could get the valve out because it was leaking in my RV’s A/C compressor pump, and you can rest assured I’ll get it back out. The valve removal tool won’t survive the experience, either.


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