It Never Ceases To Amaze Me

That there are really people out there this stupid and that they somehow manage to survive it despite going out of their way to prove it.


Hard 2 Believe

14 thoughts on “It Never Ceases To Amaze Me

  1. Money says he has a mechanical advice blog where he calls himself a master mechanic.

    Far to many people see shit like this and believe these are acceptable practices. Perhaps this is not nice to say, but examples as this can not die quick enough.


  2. I’d bet that *most of the world* operates like that. The US and Western Europe are the exceptions. (Implications for desirability of mass immigration from the third world are left as an exercise for the student.)


  3. I just noticed the cement blocks on the green one are sitting on the Very Front edge of the round platform on that jack. Yikes… Hard to believe he is still alive if he is.


  4. The wife saw that and being the cynic she is, said that nobody could be that stupid and he was probably under there just long enough to get the vid made for the youtube hits.


    • Did she see that air gap between the cinder block and the floor jack and then the idiot yanking on the ratchet?
      Yes, there are absolutely people out there with death wishes that are yet to be fulfilled.


  5. In SW Asia I have seen a car lifted on one side and held up by fence posts so the “mechanic” could remove and replace the transmission. He spent a day getting it out, almost a week before he brought it back, and almost a full day putting it back n.


  6. Have seen worse, car on two wheels with one green pole holding up the side in the air and the guy under welding an axle that had sheared using oxy acetylene. Or the guy doing oil changes on an 18 wheeler parked over a ditch at side of road (earth on both sides) and draining straight into the ground or trucks loaded to 250% of rated capacity going down a mountain road with red hot brake drums. Much more of this in the turd world that you want to contemplate. Yeah, life is cheap and you make do with what you got to keep food on the table.


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