Sweet! A New Addition To The Blogrolls!

Fred sent me a little note telling me he started a blog and wanted to swap links and have me check it out. I have done both and HIGHLY recommend you go take a gander. It’s pretty damn good I’d say!


I know I laughed out loud at this one,


12 thoughts on “Sweet! A New Addition To The Blogrolls!

  1. I’m so fucking old I can remember a time when wrench turners had only 2
    choices; Lava and Boraxo. Sta-Lube was the go-to product for fieldwork
    but there must be dozens of brands now.

    What are your favorites guys?


  2. Bookmarked and looking forward to more politically-incorrect shit from him. Great to have another soldier in the fight against the Idiotarians.


  3. PS I hit the link and found enough material to piss off Mark Suckerdick and
    his Digital Brownshirts.

    And, yes that is what I call the Zuck in posts every time I get censored!


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